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  1. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    Also, not to plug a competing product, but our QC & tech guys generally hang out on our own forum, so you may want to cross post to that @ https://forum.mastercam.com/.
  2. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    Absolutely. Feel free to reach out directly to our QC department. The easiest way is via [email protected] That's the inbox that you want to use for beta software. For the OP, the first steps are going to be what's already been said here, though, make sure that Windows is up to date, make sure there's nothing wonky going on with the codemeter license server, etc. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of experience with Windows 10 Home on Intel cards in the building. All of our computers use Windows 10 Pro and Nvidia or ATI cards, as that's our minimum recommended system. We're not going to saddle our guys with less than our recommended, that's not a good use of resources.
  3. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary eMastercam.com

    Wow, some of you guys must be old!! I've only been here since..... (checks profile)... 2005... Nevermind Thanks In-House!
  4. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    Looks like this line uses the Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics chip. Make sure you don't update the drivers for it when you update windows. The new drivers can prevent Mastercam from loading at all.
  5. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    As always, there's an XKCD for everything. ^Compliments of https://xkcd.com/927/
  6. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Per an EE friend who talked about the same sort of contamination: If you're going to try this, be sure to use distilled water (well, at least to clean it out before drying). Emergency triage procedure would be to yank anything powered or mechanical out as fast as possible (battery/charger/ hard drive, etc), get it in a bath of the closest water source (probably tap water) with a surfacant like Dawn to get the coolant oils out before it has a chance to dry to a film, and then rinse it in a bath of distilled water (so there's no impurities to corrode the connections). You really don't want "normal" water drying on the electronics, that will cause corrosion. Then dry for at least 3 days longer than you think it needs. Note that you're still likely to lose something with a platter hard drive and likely to lose something with a LCD like a laptop screen, as water intrusion of any sort (coolant or not) is likely to kill them. The good news is that splash damage likely didn't take out the hard drive or LCD, so pull the hard drive and wipe the screen off and don't immerse it. And it's still not a guaranteed save, of course
  7. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    mastercam 2020 on mac book pro?

    Correct, there's no difference between the two as far as graphics, toolpath capabilities, simulation options, etc.. The only difference is in licensing (e.g. not able to post) and of course, that it "watermarks" a file as .emcam so you can't use it with the industrial seat.
  8. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    mastercam 2020 on mac book pro?

    We all use laptops @ CNC, so I'm not sure what that's all about. ------------Unofficial graphics card note--------------- The only concerning thing I see for mid-range work with that setup is the Intel chip for graphics. There's a strange phenomena where by the time the Intel chips were powerful enough to run the software pretty good (and they met the OpenGL & CL requirements), they broke the OpenGL implementation. I'm not sure where the "Iris Pro" line falls in that. Starting with Intel drivers 22.xxx, you will not be able to start Mastercam. If you're running 21.xxx or lower (which came out about 2 or 3 years ago), you should be fine. I'd try it. We don't use Intels around the building or recommend them in general as it's not really a CAD/CAM graphics chip, and it looks like a pretty bad break by Intel (we're not the only ones who got bit by it), so I don't know that it'll be fixed any time soon.
  9. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    These are also in your start menu under 3d connexion > Stop Service & Start Service. I've been lucky, it's been a few years since I had to mess with them!
  10. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    Disclaimer: What I'm about to say is TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL.. That means this is not endorsed by CNC Software what-so-ever, just my own personal anecdotal experience. Don't bother your reseller or tech support about it, they'll just laugh at you and tell you to buy a real video card --------- While doing testing previously, I discovered that using the Intel video driver series 21.xx will work fine even with 2021. There's a known problem with Intel's OpenGL implementation that started with series 22.xx drivers that affect us as well some other software with it. Either way, I'm not sure what damage you could cause to backdate your Intel graphics driver to 21.xxx on a modern machine as I think it's about 3 years old, but that may work for you.
  11. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Does the drill type operation contain a feature to check for duplicate point positions?

    Also, make sure you're asking questions like this to our API team... They're sort of our direct "customer" for this sort of thing (if that makes sense to you), so it's always good to be in touch with them so we know how in-demand work like this is when I'm trying to plan out our year..
  12. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Does the drill type operation contain a feature to check for duplicate point positions?

    I know you already figured out the way to make this, in particular work, but I wanted to let you know that I'm not aware of any way to do a duplicate geometry check at regen time, currently. Duplicate filtering is (and has been) on the selection side, not on the toolpath generation side. That said, this sort of thing is one of our goals during refactoring so in the near future you should have access to everything in the toolpath hole definition panel in a very modular manner. The sorting engine, masking, duplicates, etc.
  13. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    3+2 drilling

    This^ Disclaimer: I didn't look at your file... The biggest thing to keep in mind in Multiaxis is how to answer the questions "Where to?" and "Where from?" For example, if you tell a machine to rotate to A90° (where to?), what is that 90° relative from (where from?) (i.e., where did you have your A0° defined?). Mastercam handles this with the WCS (Where from?) and the Planes (where to?). So in your part, you don't have to physically move the model to 0,0,0, just like in 3 axis, you can move a WCS to where the part is going to be mounted in the fixture, and make planes relative to that if it saves you effort. The other thing to keep in mind is that the default planes (front/left/right/back/etc.) may not match your machine's kinematics. A90° or A-90° are equally proper ways to get to the "front" of your part, the C just has to rotate as well to match. So sometimes, if you use the Mastercam Front plane, it'll cause your post to output A-90° C270° because that's closer than what you expected A90 C90 or whatever.. Look to see if you have Misc Integers that allows you to tell it what angle the toolpath is "starting from" so the post can guess the correct way to output it. I think the generic posts use MI 6? (Colin will be along shortly to correct me...) You may find that you just have to create your own plane by rotating the view the way you want the machine to rotate so the vectors line up, i.e., instead of using the Mastercam Front view, you have to create a new plane and only rotate the Y axis or something.
  14. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    NVME Drive

    That's a "how many trees are in a forest?" kinda question... This comes up a lot because it's a confusing topic, but basically, multithreading will help you when you have either a lot of toolpaths to process at once or when your single toolpath can be broken up into logical pockets to be calculated simultaneously. If you're doing simple parts that primarily consist of one area, you're not going to see much benefit from multithreading. For a really quick and dirty example, using an Opti toolpath to rough this pocket: can't be effectively multithreaded because it's all one "slice," and you can't really figure out what how to cut one area without affecting another, so it all has to be processed as one chunk. In this case, clock speed is king. If the part looked like this: The top slice would be one thread, and all of the individual pockets/depths would be an individual thread. So that would (potentially) benefit from more threads
  15. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder

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