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  1. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software


    If it's a one or two time thing, and your point clouds are linear (like a grid digitizing), you can break the ASCII into lines (just put an enter after the end of each line). Mastercam can import those as Splines that you can then loft/PowerSurface on. Obviously, it won't be as accurate as a mesh, but for most uses it's good enough. Another option is to open them as points and then use Spline > Automatic on each line to create splines, then loft a surface/PowerSurface it (this is the graphical way of doing what I described above).
  2. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Select single edge?

    The easiest way is to turn off "face" mode and just use "edges": If you want the convenience of both on, then just be a bit more careful about where you click. Clicking with your mouse over the face like this will select all 4 edges of that face (Face mode). Clicking when your mouse is over only this highlighted edge will select only this one single edge.
  3. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    AutoCursor symbol disappearing

    I've had that issue before, but it was years ago... If I recall, it was somehow related to windows version relative to nvidia drivers? But I haven't ran across it in years. I'd just take a peek and make sure Windows hasn't helpfully moved you to old graphics drivers somehow.
  4. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    If you have SolidWorks, it's quite easy to leverage their excel-based programming to really quickly generate the toolpaths for families of parts as well.
  5. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    I wouldn't be surprised.. I also wouldn't be surprised to see at some point it comes to an SLM/EBM (or whatever the equivalent is for ceramics) "tooth in a box" printer. The future is neat!
  6. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    I think we're pretty far off topic anyway I wouldn't be surprised to see that in the future, but it's at least a few years away. We've recently created an API team directly responsible for getting our API/SDK in a good shape. Before it was the few guys you saw here (primarily Mick & Roger) who were doing it in addition to other duties. So who knows what they'll cook up after they get through their backlog of projects for the API?
  7. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    The trick to anything like dental is being able to REALLY control the variables. As Newbeeee said, there's a standard size blank for each type of tooth. On the software side, you're always doing the same toolpath on the "same" mesh with the same tool (and feeds/speeds/etc). Each tooth's toolpath could be optimized a bit, but across any type of tooth the feeds & speeds just work, so you give up a little bit of absolute efficiency for programming ease since you're only cranking out one or two at a time. A lot of them are now powered by ModuleWorks, especially since DelCam gave up on their suite as it wasn't profitable enough for AD: https://www.moduleworks.com/industries/dental-framework/ Given the same constraints, you could whip up an automated system that would do something like this in Mastercam via the API & ATP suite.
  8. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    Aye, that's true, but at least for the time being I can still ping the owner (and her Dad) on Teams and whine at them if they do it That's a lot better for the customer than being accountable to stock holders. I can also say from personal experience that "we need to fix/change this because as a user that's a bad experience" is enough justification to get changes made/approved, so I wouldn't despair too much.
  9. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam Subscription

    To answer a few questions in no particular order: There is not (and has never been) discussion on removing the perpetual license. That's here to stay. Yes, long term the perpetual license is cheaper (and as Gcode pointed out, it's not like we're hiding that fact :)). Yes, people have been requesting this ability for a few years now for a myriad of reasons such as starting your own shop and want a license to get things spinning without investing the full amount, a large project/spike in work that you expect to be temporary gives you a chance to buy only what you need right now, uncertainty of how long you'll need an additional license, subscription software comes out of a different budget than purchased software, etc. The license will need to be added to your license pool for any limited access add-ons, posts, etc. This is one of the reasons that we're currently only offering it in a minimum of 1 year increments; to decrease that kinda overhead. I'm not sure if you can rent a post for a year though, as JP said, talk to your reseller and see how they're structuring it. Edit: Oh, and disclaimer: I'm not the license guy, so the above is just my understanding on keeping up with it through our normal meetings.
  10. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Working from home questions

    If your IT guy is security conscious, he may not let you VPN in from personal equipment. I know we can't without a lot of hoops to jump through. They probably have a loaner laptop already set up with VPN access, though, and it may be able to run Mastercam, or at least remote desktop into a computer in the building that can. Don't go buying anything for yourself, at least not before clearing it with them. I'd hate to see you drop a grand on a decent gaming laptop and then they don't let you work remotely anyway.
  11. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Mastercam 9 (.mc9)

    There's a good chance of it working with the current version . Do take care, we only officially support inputs for about 4 or 5 releases at a time (when a product is "sunset" it's considered not actively supported anymore), so if you're not getting what you'd expect opening it directly in 2021, you probably have some deprecated functions or weird c hook stuff that isn't being ported correctly. I'd recommend that you go in 5 version increments, e.g., X5 > 2017 > 2021. I only have some MCX-5 files handy, but they still open fine for me in the daily build of 2022, for example.
  12. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Raster to Vector in 2021

    No worries, we add/change around 100 pages of things per release, it's easy to miss something like this I was just thinking that there was functionality that didn't get ported over and needed to be addressed.
  13. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Raster to Vector in 2021

    Does the C-hook do something that the function doesn't?
  14. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    VPN or Remote Desktop

    Not saying that you'll have problems, but if you use a VPN, you're 100% relying on the machine you're currently using. It's no different than having two computers at the shop, one a nice workstation that you've set up to do CAD/CAM all day and a second cheap one that was really only bought to view prints and check email. If you have to use the second one for CAD/CAM, you're going to be very disappointed in the toolpath processing time and large assembly display. There's no concerns if you have a good work station at home, and an equally good, but different, work station at the office. Both of them should give comparable performance, so you'll be fine. On the Lenovo, if the biggest problem is caused by their programs running in the background, there's an easy way to disable startup things in windows 10: Right click on the task bar and choose "Task Manager" or Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Task Manager. In the Task Manager, go to the Startup tab. From there you can see all of the non-windows-critical things loading with your computer and disable anything that you don't want:
  15. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software


    Although this will work, I would recommend that instead of doing the right click > new toolpath method, you instead right click > Import toolpath. Choose the defaults file that ships with Mastercam. For example, in Mill, it would be C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\common\SharedDefaults\mill\Ops\ We do try to hard to get logical defaults in the shipped product, and you might miss them if you just create one from scratch in your defaults file. Just because it's interesting to nerds like me, when you create a toolpath it goes through a hierarchy to try to figure out what settings it should use. It starts by looking to see if there's any other of that toolpath in this file. If there's not, it looks for the default file. If there's still not, then you're going to get some programmatic defaults, like your linking clearances might be set to 0 or something, just so the toolpath can be created.

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