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  1. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Facing 5 axis 2020

  2. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    DATUM QUESTION for Faro Arm Inspection/Verisurf

    I've been out of the CMM game for a while (and I was never as clever as a full time operator), but I agree with your initial assessment that there's no way to "lock" the X & Y rotations around a hole axis, only to establish the Axis perpendicularity (axis Z) to Datum A (in this case).. So I would think you'd have to establish another measurement to align the two holes to, either the short straight edge (image 2) or the long edge (image 3).
  3. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    X5 user, new here

    Cool, I missed that. Thanks for having my back, G!
  4. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    X5 user, new here

    I'm not sure where you'd find good training materials on X5 nowadays.. That was almost a decade ago! Perhaps contacting your reseller or this site (emastercam.com) to see if they have any old content available for purchase? Solids selection was radically different a decade ago, but the important thing is to "activate solid selection" when you're selecting your geometry: And turn of Solid Body so you're only selecting faces: Good luck, this will be the equivalent of getting help on Windows XP problems now..
  5. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Facing 5 axis 2020

    That's actually a tough problem, as all of the toolpaths will want to stitch each slice together so that it goes the entire way around the block (in the case of horizontal) or over it (in the case of vertical), which wouldn't be very "facing-like." Your best bet might be to make the facing ops and then just use Multiaxis Linking to stitch them together safely.
  6. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    hole table

    You're welcome, sir
  7. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    hole table

    The Hole Table c-hook was made into a drafting function in 2020 (which works really nicely!), but it never sorted to levels or anything, it was purely CAD functionality. I believe you're looking for the "SortCircles" chook which is still there in 2020. I believe SortCircles works on everything visible, so I think you'd have to hide what you don't want to be sorted, but I haven't used it a lot so I may be wrong there. I did test it again and there's no selection..
  8. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Change cut direction in multi axis along curve

    No, Cuts Along Curve is designed to be perpendicular to a chosen curve.. Try Project Curve if you want it to follow the curve, that will Project it onto the surface(s) you're trying to cut it on. If there's no surfaces, Curve is what you want.
  9. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    Yeah, I believe newer-style posts should be looking at the Machine Def to get their layout. If you check the spindle and the Z axis, they should be both align to the Z, not X or Y. Older posts often have an unbinned section that allows you to put what type of machine it is and toggle it... But I don't deal in those black arts much
  10. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    <soapbox mode> Weelllllll, if you were to define the HMC logically instead of the "default" Mastercam way, there likely won't be any conversion needed for the 5 axis toolpaths. Now's a prime time to avoid starting a bad habit if they haven't had any previous HMC programs. The default way of handling HMC in Mastercam is to invert the Z axis (spindle) direction in the machine def, and the post then unrotates it during processing, which is why you have to program everything in the TOP/FRONT/FRONT. If you can't tell, I've been a long opponent of this way of programming, as to me it's completely illogical. The Z is spindle... Don't put in an artificial rotation! TOP/TOP/TOP should be the same on a VMC as an HMC! If you set up your machine just like a VMC, then you can post just like a VMC to ANY machine! </soapbox mode> Other than that, unfortunately, there's no quick way to edit the multiaxis toolpaths. Because the change meant than any reference to axis has been updated, you can have situations where you have to change from X to Z in Tool Axis Control, Collision Control, Cut Pattern, etc. And, because we were completely WCS un-aware prior to that, I was never able to figure out a fool-proof conversion so it didn't seem worth the risk to try to make global edits when we might not guess correctly.
  11. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    Yep, you got it.. I dropped an F somewhere. Anyone seen it?
  12. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    You're welcome, and thank you!
  13. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    Heyo Kolson, I took a quick look for you. Right off the hop a few things jump out at me. 1st is that you're not going to be able to cut this all the way with this tool, as you see it gouges into the back side of the material: 2nd is that you've over-complicated it a bit as you might have guessed Now, the retracts and such are related to your Collision Control settings: Which tell it to trim out collisions.. That leaves you with a big gap to get from where you would have started to have collisions to where you wouldn't, and your linking settings kick in from there.. But you'll eliminate a lot of the problems if you set up the toolpath right, so before we play with linking and collision control, let's recap: Cut Pattern > Curves: There's no need for this. Parallel is designed to take shape/chain/pattern and copy that across all of the surfaces you've selected, which means you're not sure which one it's using to project from with this selection.. Delete all but the last one: Tool Axis Control - There's no need to use lines here. It looks like you just want it to rotate around the Z axis, but 20° off. So instead of lines, set it like this: That says to just stay 20° off the Z. Now, when you regen it it, you will only have one approach and one retract, but of course, it's still gouging on the backside: But now you can figure out which tool you have to cut it with that won't gouge. Another thing you can do is turn on "check surfaces" on the Collision Control page and choose the back of the channel and the top surface, but of course that's not going to cut as deep: Take a look at Op #2. Hope this helps! TEST_CURL_-_ACE.mcam
  14. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    Drill point selection in 2020

    This is the first I've heard of it.. If you can figure out steps to reproduce please send it in! I haven't been able to replicate it on my side while playing.
  15. Aaron Eberhard - CNC Software

    OpenCL 1.2 What is this?

    If everything else worked fine, it's not worth disabling hardware accell just to get rid of the OpenCL message. All it means is that your toolpaths won't process as fast as possible if you had that capability. Disabling hardware accell will cause all sorts of other issues with display and selection since you'll be running in minimum viable graphics mode. I'd recommend you re-enable the hardware accell if Mastercam will run on your machine with it, and just hit the "don't show me again" checkbox on the OpenCL warning.

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