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  1. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    Head/head is where both rotaries are on the spindle head. Head/table is where one rotary is on the spindle head and the other is on the table. Also called a hybrid. Table/table is where both rotaries are on the table. Most common.
  2. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    How does Mazak get away not having G68.2 on a 5 axis machine?
  3. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    If this is truly an indexing situation, using G68.2 would be most desirable. That would also allow the use of standard cutter comp, G41/G42.
  4. PAnderson

    Version 8 Wire

    Don't know 'cause I'm not a new kid. But I am an old fart.
  5. PAnderson

    Version 8 Wire

    You're officially a veteran.
  6. PAnderson

    Do we need multiple forums?

    Wow, you married 4 kids? How did that work out?
  7. PAnderson

    Mouse Gestures

    I got a Spaceball in the 90's and have never not used one of some kind. I'm freaking lost without my puck now if I don't have it. I have 3 now, work, home and on the road. The new ones can work outside of any CAM/CAD. Like in Windows for some applications.
  8. PAnderson

    Makino pro 5 , run off a USB?

    There is also a parameter that switches the data server from an FTP server like device to normal device storage. In some ways this makes it easier. Do a device change to the DS and make it the foreground folder.
  9. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. But I also have had a dozen people at least ask me why I do this. I should use one or the other, not both. But a lot of people don't understand the intertwined nature of both TWP and TCP. They are one and the same for all intents except one is stationary and the other is dynamic. Also, as someone that does programming on other peoples machines and risking other peoples money, time and effort, I'll gladly take the heat.
  10. This is what I am talking about. T2M06 G91G28Z0.0 (Blade Semi+.003) S15000M03 G00G90G54B19.5419C-90.188 G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I-0.188 J19.5419 K-90.0 G53.1 X3.6651Y0.5293B19.5419C-90.188 G69 G05.1 Q1 R5 G43.4Z0.2052H2
  11. I hyad an issue with this on a machine with an A Axis. If the machine was at home, rear right corner of machine, interesting things would happen when G43.4 was turned on and A and C would move to the start position. X and Y and Z would invariably beeline for the top of the part. (A Axis now at -90) Now, Camplete uses G68.2 for a safe positioning move to get the tool out over the part safely, turns off G68.2 and immediately turns on G43.4 and safely continues the program. This has worked beautifully for me so far. In addition, I requested the rotary axis start position to be placed before the G68.2 line and the G53.1 line. Redundant but better safe than sorry.
  12. If I am not mistaken, this Pro Grammer dude is over on Practical Machinist stirring up a s*#t storm against Mastercam. Another John Bangeur.
  13. PAnderson

    G08 vs G05.1

    I installed a DVF5000 in Buffalo just before COVID. We got the machine all dialed in and I asked him if he bought tool holders. He pointed to a shallow box on a pallet nearby and I see about 200 holders from god knows how long ago thrown in helter skelter. Fretted, dinged, old collet holders, side lock holders from the 80's. I cried but kept my mouth shut.
  14. PAnderson

    G08 vs G05.1

    The costs on the backside will be ten times that at least per year.
  15. PAnderson

    G08 vs G05.1

    Then there is G05 P10000 but who keeps track?

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