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  1. PAnderson

    Camplete help

    Mine used to do this too. It's a setting related to G28 I believe. Call Camplete and speak with Ivan. Paul
  2. PAnderson

    Haas blew up again

    Your machine needs to be releveled.
  3. PAnderson

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    Hello All, I had started this topic a while back. This is not a Mastercam issue alone. It is a Fanuc issue but Mastercam can help eliminate it. It is an arc length issue as interpreted by Mastercam or any other CAM system. Read the last two posts in my thread for a possible answer. If the arc length is so small that the control assumes the end point is so close to the start point that it assumes it should be a full arc, then it will create a full arc, to a lot of peoples great surprise. And to a lot of cussing and throwing of objects. This mostly happens in High Speed tool paths that generate a lot of really small arcs. The remedy is to change the minimum arc length setting in Mastercam to something that the control will not assume is a full arc. Other CAM systems can have this happen also. I had it happen in Smartcam and Unigraphics back in the 90's. And I have had calls from customers as recently as a year ago. Paul
  4. PAnderson

    Circle Diamond Square Test

    Are you referring to these? 17144020_N2185_ISO_10791_7_WDAmd_1_Annex_A_pdf[1].pdf 13298626_ISO_DIS_10791_7__E__pdf[1].pdf
  5. PAnderson

    check toolpath

    I think he means he wants to see them highlighted. Previous versions used to highlight them. Paul
  6. Hello, I know this is old and, no, we have not nailed this down yet to a specific cause. I think Colin might have come the closest though with his remark about minimum arc length. This makes the most sense since the examples I have seen were arc length less than the standard Mastercam tolerance. But this isn't a Mastercam issue although Mastercam can help prevent this from happening. I think the real issue is how a Fanuc control interprets an arc and it's not simply tied to the minimum radius parameter on a Fanuc control. The most glaring example was when the toolpath had a huge radius, say 80 inches. I forget exactly. But the distance from the beginning of the arc to end was about .0002. I think this caused the control to interpret the arc as a complete circle. I only had this happen to me personally 2 times. Both times ruined very expensive mold cores. Now. as an applications engineer, I have seen it 4 more times. Certainly not often enough to grasp the cause easily. This is over a period of 20 years. Thanks for everyone's input on this. I admit this subject had died down until Colin posted. Colin, thanks for bringing this up again. I most appreciate you chiming in on an old post like this. Some of these things never die, especially once you get bitten once again. Paul Doosan Machine Tools
  7. PAnderson


    When I installed Mastercam 2019 and then ran Migration Wizard, Mastercam crashed during migrating 3 times on the same file. I believe it was one of the mill/turn machine files. No biggy, looks like it might have been fixed. Paul
  8. PAnderson

    Doosan Puma 280LM

    I work for Doosan. This is an earlier model Puma. We have a model, most likely. Could you email me at Make it a somewhat formal request and I will pass it to the person responsible. Paul Anderson
  9. Could also be a keep relay. Do you have the blue book that came in the electrical cabinet?
  10. PAnderson

    Changing a bunch of arcs

    You can do this in Analyze Entity. Select all of your arcs, click Analyze Entity, change the radius or diameter, then click the propagate button. Paul
  11. Hello All, I am hoping I can get some answers and maybe an example of using Tool Posture Control on a Fanuc 31i control. I have never used it nor seen it used. Hopefully, someone here uses it. I really need an example of code with a drawing or Mastercam file. Just a small 4 sided pyramid would do. Can someone help? regards, Paul
  12. What model of Doosan. I work for them. M-Code, M184 and M185. Paul
  13. PAnderson

    Need a change to a post

    JParis, That worked. Thank you so much. I knew the code, I just did not know where to place it so that it would work for the beginning of the program and at every new tool change. Regards, Paul
  14. Can someone please help me add a G90 to this attached post. It does a G91 G28 Z0. at the beginning and at every tool change but does no add a G90 after. I cannot find the spot to add the G90. After every tool change, the Z Axis wants to over travel. Thanks in advance. Paul O0000 (TEST) (MATERIAL - ALUMINUM INCH - 2024) (T1|3 BULL-NOSED ENDMILL|H1|D1| DIA. - 3.) G20 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 G0 G28 G91 Z0. (3 BULL-NOSED ENDMILL|TOOL - 1|DIA. OFF. - 1|LEN. - 1| DIA. - 3.) M11 M39 T1 M6 G0 G54 X4.1 Y0. C0. A0. S3056 M3 ( I need a G90 on this line and after every tool change ) M10 M38 G43 H1 Z2. X4.1 Y0. Z2. G90 Z.2 Doosan DNM 200-5AX MILL_G68.pst
  15. PAnderson

    hebrew letters in mastercam

    There is an explode function either in drafting or wirefram tabs. Paul

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