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  1. Can you just home the Y axis before using that tool?
  2. PAnderson

    TCP on an HMC?

    Yeah, that's what they got. We sent them a doc for the parameters to set. Let's see what happens. Thanks for the sample code. Paul
  3. PAnderson

    TCP on an HMC?

    So, what are you saying Ron? Use TWP instead of TCP? That was my thinking. TCP should work but isn't that overkill for an HMC? Thanks Ron.
  4. OK gentlemen, this is a new one on me. And I will preface this by saying just because I have not seen this before doesn't mean it hasn't been done. We have a customer that purchased TCP(G43.4) on their horizontal machining center. So I am asking the 5 axis (4?) pros here if they have encountered this? Possible? Advisable? Better options? I don't want to touch this one since I have absolutely no experience with this use of TCP. But since it's been thrown in my lap, I guess I will have to pursue this. Can anyone comment on this? I would have had no problem suggesting TWP for this application. Paul
  5. PAnderson

    Rotary broach source

    These were my goto guys when I was needing rotary broaches.
  6. PAnderson

    Im playing with swarf again.

    Nothing wrong with that either. You would only have to live with the output you had though. It would still work, just in a different way. Paul
  7. PAnderson

    Im playing with swarf again.

    I changed your swarf to 3 axis in tool axis control and created a new plane for each swarf toolpath you have. This drives a table rotation and depending on the output, G43.4 or G68.2 will give you a basically, 3 axis toolpath with A and C locked. A lot depends on your post. Me? I would have just used a CONTOUR toolpath with the same two planes driving the tilt. This should output G68.2, which for 3 axis toolpaths is prefferable. Paul 61345-160R1 rEV-2.mcam Ahhhh, you beat me to it.
  8. PAnderson

    rotator location on 4+1 fanuc series 31i - modal b5

    Sorry to hear about the issues. EOP is the Easy Operator panel and can be found by pressing the CUSTOM 1 key under the screen. How old is this machine? I am surprised it was out that much. Did you call your dealer or us and report this? We need to know these things. Paul
  9. PAnderson

    rotator location on 4+1 fanuc series 31i - modal b5

    Additionally, the VCF850 with Fanuc 31i-B5 is not only a 4+1 machine. It is also capable of full 5 axis machining.
  10. PAnderson

    rotator location on 4+1 fanuc series 31i - modal b5

    I work for Dosan. If the above is true about the machine going out after moving the machine, then correcting the 19700-19705 parameters will not work like you think. The machine MUST be mechanically re-alligned before resetting these parameters. There is also a good chance that those parameters need not be changed if the mechanical soundness of the machine is restored. The VCF850 also has an app for checking these parameters. It's called DCPi and you will find it in the EOP screen. DCPi can be run and if errors are found, it's a good idea to check the machine mechanically. All axis MUST be alligned to one another or the COR cannot be found accurately. Paul
  11. PAnderson

    Fadal sudden circle problem

    Colin is correct in his description. This isn't just something that happens on Fadals. Fanucs exhibit this behavior also. I had this happen twice on very expensive mold cores. And more recently, a customer was blaming the machine. While it was the machine in a way, the real culprit was the fact that tiny arcs were being created. If the end point is so close to the start point that the control understands it as a complete arc. In the case of our customer, the arc length was only .0002" with a radius of over 100". Somewhere in the CAM system, there needs to be a minimum arc LENGTH setting. Something the control does NOT see as ambiguous.
  12. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    Head/head is where both rotaries are on the spindle head. Head/table is where one rotary is on the spindle head and the other is on the table. Also called a hybrid. Table/table is where both rotaries are on the table. Most common.
  13. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    How does Mazak get away not having G68.2 on a 5 axis machine?
  14. PAnderson

    Using G41.2

    If this is truly an indexing situation, using G68.2 would be most desirable. That would also allow the use of standard cutter comp, G41/G42.
  15. PAnderson

    Version 8 Wire

    Don't know 'cause I'm not a new kid. But I am an old fart.

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