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  1. PAnderson

    5 axis programming

    If this is really a Fanuc Oi-F control then you cannot get TCP(G43.4) as an option. It is not available on that control. 4+1 is the best it can do and G68.2 is available as an option. Actually, it should NOT be an option, it should be standard on any 5 axis configuration. But I agree with all the others about NOT programming from the center of rotation. Old school. OK in it's day but obsolete. As an aside, how can a company rebuild this machine and not correct everything and leave it with some major mechanical errors? I would not have paid a penny for a "rebuild" of this quality. and then to have them tell you to just fix it in your post? Who does this kind of work? Paul
  2. PAnderson

    Fanuc 30i Control Data Server

    To make the data server act as if it is just another part of internal memory, set the below parameter. Data Server as normal device storage 3233.1(PDM) must be 1 Set the data server to Foreground/Background. Do a "Device Change" to the USB card. Choose your program from the card and using the normal methods, copy the program to the data server. Paul
  3. Husker, The way TCP is specified is "If no linear motion RELATIVE to the workpiece" is specified then the rotaries go into degrees per minute. Fanuc said this and I called Seimens to ask them how their TCP works and they said the same thing. So, the rotaries are moving but the tool is in the same spot relative to the workpiece as the rotaries move. I agree with you on all your other points though. And, thanks for responding.
  4. That is set to 1. We seem to have all these basic parameters well set. We even ran this by Seimens and they said it is not related to TCP or AICC. Just related to rotary moves specified singly, without linear axis moves. So, time for a programming change to a toolpath that doesn't spit out these rotary only moves. Problem is, this is a customer that is brand new to 5 axis and thinks picking a different style of toolpath is a "work around". Thanks again Gentlemen, Paul
  5. The same thing except the other moves are quite jerky, which is to be expected. Paul
  6. Just an update. Still not solved. All of our machines are locked to the table, not the machine coordinate system. My understanding of TCP is that the velocity of the tool tip must be maintained in relation to the workpiece. But this is not happening. Rick Schultz from Fanuc is involved now. Agrees it should be a parameter but his first suggestion did not work. Problem is, with Fanuc at least, it could be any number of parameters. Also wanted to say thanks to those who replied. regards, Paul
  7. Thank you Husker, my thoughts exactly. This is a table-table machine. I did find the parameters for feed in AICC when only the rotaries are posted. But 8466 says that if it is set to 0.000 then it should use the programmed feedrate and it also related to 8466. Currently, these two parameters are both set to 0.000 which should force it to use the programmed feedrate but it does not. I could place a set value in those parameters but that might not work for every case.
  8. Hello everyone. Can I ask for some help with a TCP problem? I have a Fanuc 31i-B5 control. I have toolpath that uses TCP but when it gets to the portion of the toolpath where only the rotaries are specified, no X, Y or Z, the feed slows way down almost to nothing. Feed is specified at 150IPM in the program. I'm hoping this is a parameter or some other ilk like that. It almost seems like Inverse Time is being invoked but is that possible? (OPERATION 11) ( SWARF END CUT THE 45 CHAMFER MULTIAXIS MILL2 ) N20X.7873Y-.0001 G5.1Q1R5 G43.4H1 Z.2415 X.7166 G01X.6459Z.1001 X.9994Y0.Z-.2534F150. Y-.9994C-2.2008B43.9411 C-4.7425B42.8171 (PROBLEM STARTS HERE) C-7.3912B41.7518 (FEED SLOWS WAY DOWN) C-10.1492B40.7498 (ALMOST TO NOTHING) C-13.0174B39.8162 C-15.3911B39.1218 C-17.834B38.477 C-20.3441B37.8844 C-22.9187B37.3464 C-25.554B36.8656 C-28.2452B36.4442 C-30.9865B36.0844 C-33.7713B35.7881 C-36.5918B35.5568 C-39.4397B35.3919 C-42.306B35.2943 C-45.1814B35.2645 C-48.0561B35.3028 Thanks, Paul
  9. This might be an easier way. If this is a Fanuc control that is. The inputs and variables may be different but the concept is the same. This subject came up as a way to check, from inside a program, whether the correct pallet is in the machining area when a particular program is run. Keep in mind that this is for a horizontal machining center. The macro variables may be off by one or two digits and need to be checked on each machine model. They may very well be the same but need to be checked. You will need to look in your ladder and check for 2 inputs. Basically, you will look for inputs named UI1008 and UI1009. They set pallets 1 and 2 depending on which pallet is in position. They also set macro variables #1008 and #1009. The change to your programs will constitute checking these 2 variables for their proper states. I have made changes to the following program to highlight this. % O4050 G20 G0G17G40G49G80G90 T1M6 IF[#1009EQ1]GOTO100 (FOR PALLET 1 CHECK, IF 1, CONTINUE WITH PROGRAM) IF[#1009EQ0]GOTO900 (FOR PALLET 1 CHECK, IF 0, GO TO ALARM AT END OF PROGRAM) N100 G0G90G54X3.198Y-2.9025S5093M3 T2 G5.1Q0 G43H1Z2. Z1. G1Z.399F20. BODY OF PROGRAM G1 X3.198 Z1. F50. G0 Z2. M5 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. N900 #3000=1(WRONG PALLET LOADED) M30 % #1009 will be changed to #1008 to check pallet #2. This bit of code will go into the portion of your program that runs pallet #2. This can be used once per program or once per tool, however you feel you need to check this.
  10. PAnderson

    "Too many digit" Alarm

    Brian, Paul from Doosan here. Glad you got it worked out. I did not see your email until after Steve was helping you. For those that don't know, Doosan has Renishaw software embedded in the control, SRAM I believe. It's part of our easy operation package. That's where all the macros reside. If you want to use inspection plus, you have two choices. Use the embedded macros with a M165 instead of a G65 or use the standard method of G65. If you use G65 you must calibrate your probe again separately and have the calibration variables stored again. So, for most stuff it's just easier to use the embedded macros. Same macros since Renishaw wrote this software for us and no difference in functionality. Paul
  11. PAnderson

    Vision system with probe?

    Believe it or not, Keyence makes an awesome vision CMM for smaller parts. Paul
  12. PAnderson

    Drill point selection in 2020

    They changed the pick interface for 2020. But his was happening in one session and when I saved and reopened the next day, it was working properly. Now, I have no clue. This wasn't the first time I had this happen in 2020.
  13. Yesterday, for the third time, I was picking hole centers and or points for drilling and the drill toolpath would only let me select 24 points. Then it just will not let me select any more. I tried numerous times. I would delete all points, then start over, no go. I tried window selecting, only 24 would be picked. Is there now some kind of limit? I ended up doing multiple toolpaths. Paul
  14. PAnderson

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    From what I understand, Ellison will still service Mori machines. I have been told this by numerous sources. You may want to call your local Ellison office and at least ask. Paul
  15. PAnderson

    Camplete help

    Mine used to do this too. It's a setting related to G28 I believe. Call Camplete and speak with Ivan. Paul

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