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  1. No magic button exists. It's nice when it's a Native file coming from down the hall... You'll get good at " cleaning up files , so you'll get what you want" I HAVE SPOKEN
  2. Watch a you tube on equal constant scallop... Adjust your settings... Zoom in on your path and look at the " Noise" your trying to smooth out... If you post and get a .err error report it's because your post doesn't have this new tool path in it...the code is still good though. I'll show you how to ad the path to the post if this happens... Drop 15k more then MC for a seat of *.* and you'll get the best path possible first mouse click.. actually you won't even have the ability to adjust any parameters. It justs kicks out the best. I don't have that luxury myself so I adjust the paths parameters to suit my needs as I go ( MC since 1999 ) I HAVE SPOKEN !!
  3. Our reseller / staff was out here for other issues and I showed him the 7-9 second tool library, posting , file opening saga He just said " Brutal"....
  4. I figured out the 9 seconds to post , when the file name is posting the first time it goes fast..when you re post with the same file name and are " overwriting it " it takes 5 to 9 seconds...One drive / cloud awesomeness...
  5. What's a good screenshot video tool so I can send stuff to QC ? Techsmith is no longer I guess
  6. I Uninstalled 2023 ( never used it much, 2022 was So rock solid ) I do use 2024 here and there as I build up trust..
  7. Were now. One drive / Full Cloud....5 to 9 seconds a mouse click on tools. Saving...posting...opening is now the Norm.
  8. You too....... I have no answer. 100 X updates on my 2009 PC I was hoping is the issue.
  9. Elad check the Memorial column here we lost a few of are classmates over time most way to soon. Tony
  10. Cimco ( it was already here up and running ( for the 90's antiques ) Prior Ipswitch FTP ( 2000 era Hurco's ) Modern controllers pull .nc Off the network Drive A folder for each machine. I'll be 60 this summer I don't care anymore. Lol
  11. Looks like everything I don't want see or trip over so far I'm able to "Hide "
  12. 2 mouse clicks faster then the way I have been doing it, bravo....
  13. I had to back up my workspace after getting hosed the first time. After 3 months I had enough. Im using 2022 until 2024 is released. First time I've ever had to go back a version since 6.1
  14. Mic 6.... Indicate it each op just to be sure...

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