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  1. Chally72 gets 10 bonus points here ! The guy is legit "here to help " My issues are solved or in litigation lol
  2. I have custom RMB and my ribbon toolbar(s) Quite a few didn't migrate over. They are not even visible in my custom toolbar or even in the All commands to bring it in. Work around : re install 2023 and in advance install Do Not check Workspace files . Now commands are visible in All Commands and you can re create your 2022 toolbars manually etc. Enjoy !!
  3. Can't stand how small all of the text is in the tool libraries and inside the tool paths themselves. Reseller said no can do... That's how it is.
  4. I had a cat 30 holder stuck in an OKK I left a note, the next day when I came in , it was fixed !?! 3x3 post it , yellow
  5. I have had situations where they disappear, but really there there. Just not visible unless I close completely out of mc then start a fresh session and re open the file There they are...sometimes with dimensioning too.
  6. 1996 -99 *JOY * in a Ren and Stimpy voice.... Yes John, baud rate has to be friendly or...whoops out of know where on a random day ... Code missing
  7. MOXA Antenna on cnc plugged into rs232 port Pc /.nc prog. To network through cimco dnc . Wifi router on celing of shop Brodcasts code to cnc antenna 3d mold s
  8. This was happening to me randomly ( 1 out of 5 mc exits after the original MC22 install ) It stopped all together a while ago on its own.... ?!
  9. Ron , 9 years ago : You use MC ? Yes , everyday 3D ? Yes everyday since 1999 ... O.K. I think I can get you the $$$ you want.
  10. An H.R. dept. Might take a second glance at you from this.... That's about all I can see.
  11. 3 weeks after 5 years I take a week off every July and " Piggy back" the rest of the days unto holiday weekends etc.
  12. The auto toolpath regen function is a time saver ( I still note the file sz. Before the # crunch) and the fact 2022 didn't screw me over in all the things / paths I use Im impressed enough to pay maintenance for another go round.
  13. I see this also... Ever listen to the podcast(s) " Darknet Diaries "... Somebody somewhere, for some reason somehow......
  14. The other programmer here picks the whole solid as well.... I lived through the " Dr. Watson" days where you had to pick each surface sometimes to see which one was crashing the system and had to be recreated so MC could crunch it lol
  15. Just saw this... Good Luck !! Hopefully you get to start making Trick SCCA car parts etc. !
  16. Scary at first , but it's what we're looking for . I don't know how easy it is to un tangle it back if needed...
  17. If I had 30 + years in at MC it would be a great Segway into retirement.. Its been nice !
  18. I have it. I run my mill set. Set up sheet Which gives me a tool list with the maximum Z depth for each tool. I copy it and paste it into mc' "Notes" Then I place it on the screen under the part and print the screen. Done. I can give you my mill.set post And a quick video if your into it.
  19. HSS Area clearence BLOWS the doors of surface rough pocket which i have used for a decade... it wastes it climb mills ALWAYS and doesn't drag the cutter across the floor going back to Geo etc. To finish it or clean it out...
  20. In the CAD world you spread your fingers out on your screen like a smart phone on the feature....insane
  21. High end Machine tools use Grease Not Way oil , hmmmm
  22. Figure out the center distance 039 wide = .0197 etc Now I do an offset curve from one of the edges. Takes some quick trimming and a little clean up here and there. * If you have text / Dims etc. You cant chain use Break ( lines ) ? and now you can.
  23. You might have to much controller for your ball screws now. We had Fadals with the Fanuc controller It wore out ballscrews when the 88S ? Controller machines didnt ( they didnt get any serious work done either) lol
  24. The entire metric library has been standardized by John Paris , want a copy ? Pm me an address to send it to.

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