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  1. dstryr

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    16 machines total 6 5 axis machines, 1 500mm horizontal and the rest 3 axis verticals. 70% new parts 30% repeat work Two of us handle all of it and its a xxxx show lol. We have to do 90% of the setup as well besides very simple 3 axis parts. Could really use a third guy if anyone is from the bay area ....
  2. dstryr

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Powergrip holder is like $350 plus a $100+ collet. The system is still too expensive compared to Shrink
  3. Get an endmill and a block of material Run G68.2 Cycle to A0C0 Position the tool in the +Y Axis Side cut the block moving in X Jump up and position back to the start X position Use G68.2 to rotate the part 90* around Z. (A0 C90) Repeat cut in X Repeat this process until your block is cut Go back to A0C0 and pick up center line using X Then G68.2 the machine to A-90C0 and pick up the Z height of the block. This should help you test your machine and find your problems.
  4. No way a hurco or robodrill is going to hold +/-.00015 z depth off a non flat surface over a period of time... .020 dia tool running max RPM
  5. dstryr

    chopping carbide endmill shanks?

    Yes! Some grinding company sells a little bench top unit with an ER32 fixture that is meant for cut offs. It was like $3500 and I sent it back the day I opened it. POS. I was just searching for this before I logged into this forum to see what was going on. Big market because of the shrink fit issues. Idk why shrink fit / tool grinders aren't in sync on this....
  6. If you are programming at G54 and you have XYZ all set to 1.0 and run a G43.4 your control should adjust your 5 axis simultaneous moves to the correct position based on active work offset
  7. Varimills are junk since they switched to the sub par blanks and widia > kennemetal ownership Back in 2008 they were the xxxx though.
  8. dstryr

    Anyone familiar with "tangent plane machining"?

    I didnt think they were too outrageously priced? $115 for a 6mm and just under $200 for 12mm I doubt any custom place will make them for close to that pricing in only 1-2 pcs I have a 6mm,8mm,10mm, and 12mm sitting on my desk but like he said before... Everything is always a rush and havent had time to test them yet.
  9. dstryr

    Anyone familiar with "tangent plane machining"?

    Why werent they happy with the results? What was your ball em step down? Barrel cutter step down? Please share more
  10. dstryr


    40xd in that size drill with 3000 rpm? >.< I run a production part with 1000 psi Guhring Gundrill .058 2.250 deep no peck Works great and I've gotten 1000 holes out of the same drill so far in 6061
  11. dstryr

    False tool break detection

    Because Matsuura couldn't integrate the Siemens very well?
  12. dstryr

    False tool break detection

    That was me Cory any luck? That 840 on the matsuura is xxxx backwards to the 840d/828d in my shop >.<
  13. Yeah. I"ve made over 20k using this method... works great. Just make sure you get the right pilot diameter ground on the bottom.
  14. I have a tool just like this... I wonder if I know what part you are making Buy a 5/16 aircraft drill and have a grinding shop turn it into a step tool with a pilot and counterbore cutting on the bottom.
  15. dstryr

    Blind hole manufacturing

    What is the tolerance on the hole and location?

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