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  1. Chipmakr


    @Bob W. what's the latest on this experiment?
  2. Chipmakr


    How are you handling the Friday to Monday hand off between the two crews?
  3. Chipmakr

    Anyone dynamic milling 13-8 PH?

    Running repeat orders with these parameters with great results in hardened 13-8 . Helical Tool #27227 3/8" 7 flute .02CR, 250SFM, .0047FTP ( RCTF turned on) RPM=2546 Feedrate =94.0, 7 % step over .75 step down, .03 step up. Running MQL oil mist. I have also ran it in 15-5 H1025 and it zipped thru that even faster.
  4. Chipmakr

    HAAS UMC 750 post
  5. Chipmakr

    Anyone Up For Translating .CATPart?

    .ipt did not open at all (said I needed Inventor or inventor View ( Design Tracking) installed) .sat opened but was ugly with missing faces .stp opened but was ugly with missing faces .x_b opened flawlessly
  6. pL LEHMANN〈=en
  7. Chipmakr

    3d Spacemouse Drifting

    Open the windows system tray and find the 3D Connexion icon, right click and select calibrate. Follow the prompts.
  8. Chipmakr

    HAAS UMC 750 Help

    Can you give more details? What does the part look like etc...
  9. Chipmakr

    Start up

    I have seen dramatic differences in the quality of the calculated tool path motion by doing nothing but switching to surfaces from a solid. These are typically on pretty intricate aerofoil type shapes, but I have had lifts and slight gouges that can be seen in backplot and verify that have completely gone away by changing only this. If I could get the same result with the solid I had to crank down the tolerance 5x to 10x smaller to get there and then suffer the prolonged calculation times.
  10. Chipmakr

    Haas VF2 accessories

    We have TR160's on our VM2's and have TRT100's on the way for them. The 160's work great on the 2 size machines. The 160 perform really well for us on 3+2 and 5x. Its pretty seamless plug and play. We mount our OTS unit on a riser to get them above the rotary. We have UMC 750's as well depends on your work and part size as to what would be better for your application.
  11. Verisurf or Delcam Powerinspect/OMV could likely handle this. Either one would probably do a demo or give you a trial license to try it out.
  12. Chipmakr

    New Wire EDM

    Agie Progress would be my machine of choice.
  13. HSK if at all possible. If I did go CAT40 I would get BIG PLUS dual contact.
  14. Chipmakr

    Makino question

    You may want to atleast look at these guys.

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