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Found 5 results

  1. I'm at my wits end with mastercam. Was trying to set up my machine simulation to try and verify some can syces, and I kept getting this error even now when I open verify. and then after running my simulation and I close out the screen, the window turns black and mastercam crashes and I need to do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete just to close it. This happens almost 4 to 5 times a day. If any one out their can explain to me what's going on and how to fix it that would help out tremendously. My IT department has no clue about this issue and my reseller has not gotten back to me so I'm stuck with this crippling problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. So I have this 2019 mastercam file that will no longer open. I have tried on two different computers, mastercam just crashes right away. The file size is 150mbs, and doesn't seems too large for the computer. The debugg log is outputting "Matrix33::IsValid() - Invalid matrix - MatrixError::LeftHand". I need this file to open, my machine is down waiting for this to be resolved.
  3. Happy New Year Everyone! I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I'm putting together a class for 5 Axis Post Processing. This first 5X Post class will be a "basic" introduction to 5X Post editing. http://www.eapprentice.net/shop/live-training/mastercam-mp-post-processors-5-axis/ In this class I'll be taking the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Post, and configuring it for two different machine types; a trunnion style machine (table/table), and a gantry style machine (head/head). In addition to basic configuration, we'll be going over all the important post settings and learning how to control the post output using Misc values. We'll spend some time discussing Vector and Matrix math, and create our own (very simple) 5X Post Processor from scratch, so you can see how the vector and matrix functions work. Finally we'll spend some time looking at the processing of the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Post, and examine which post blocks we can use to override output and add custom features to the post. This would include 5X Cutter Compensation, Dynamic Work Offset, High Speed Codes, ect. This course will be geared towards Mastercam users that already have some knowledge of post edititing. A suggested prerequisite would be my basic post course "MP101", or hands-on post editing experience. Like all Eapprentice courses, each class will be recorded and uploaded to the Eapprentice site so they are available to you forever as a reference. We'll also be holding "Office Hours" sessions that give you time to ask questions about your own post edits, and receive help and feedback from me during these live sessions. This class will be a great opportunity to learn advanced post techniques and understand how the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill post really works. Thanks and best regards, Colin Gilchrist
  4. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd mention a great website for Math help that I stumbled upon. This is a great reference for anyone that does Vector or Matrix math, or wants to understand more about physics and kinematics, including inverse kinematics... http://www.euclideanspace.com Hope you get as much from this website as I did... Thanks, Colin
  5. i have a part with 47 variables that that need to be engraved on each part. 18 of them will change from part to part. the machine is a mazak 730 5x ii. it has a mazak matrix control on it, and was wondering if i can make variables like a fanuc, or is there some macro call like a haas.

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