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  1. Attached is a file with some corrections. I rotated the helical geometry by 180. I extended the helical geometry and removed the lead in/out and use that geometry to drive the toolpath. I added an extension to the Lead In on the 1st operation. I added a stock solid model to level 100. I extended the cutter from the holder on Op#3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xky51pu1lrbsg30/AADPf91MXQsnYYnc6g10U2uCa?dl=0
  2. Isn't there a a check box to "Keep original solid"? There is another check box for keeping un-trimmed surfaces as well?
  3. Also create a "Turn Profile" on a new level. Then generate a "Revolve" Solid. Use the solid for your stock selection.
  4. Your 2d geometry is in the wrong plane. Rotate it 90 degrees so it is visible in the top view.
  5. Great points and questions Colin!! My question is IF they go with a tied in verification system will it be an upgraded product that you can opt in or out of? I personally liked the simplicity of the current setup but that is just me.
  6. I made a quick video showing how to check the location of the Machsim parts and the collision control settings. I don't have a UMC750 machine but I was practicing making Machsim's and made one up. https://www.dropbox.com/s/94k3tdk40k6x7uv/Machsim.mp4?dl=0
  7. IMHO they are heading towards a system with verification built in or the ability to have it included easily. Kinematic awareness is coming.
  8. In Machsim turn off the “Initial Stock”? It is along the top with the Toolpath display etc.
  9. Are you sure you are doing this tutorial correctly? I have done this tutorial many times and it verifies fine and runs on my Machsim fine (although it is not tied to my post).
  10. Actually I think you will need 4 set ups as that pocket is angled as well. To come up with some ideas you should post the PDF print so the tolerances can be seen. It would be best to do it on a 5 axis machine. Locate on the 5/16" diameter holes in the bottom. Then you only need to counter bore that hole.
  11. That part will require 3 setups in a 3 axis VMC. Locating that angular hole will be your biggest challenge.
  12. This gives a rough idea of the new stock setup/ machine group setup. It is starting look more like NX? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44jgulOq58A
  13. Use drop box or google drive.
  14. Change the Rotary Axis settings as per the photo. There is no geometry to unroll or roll.
  15. It depends on how you selected the model edge. see these videos. https://youtu.be/3Pjg4N9DJkE https://youtu.be/upFbIVFIfkQ
  16. Is that bottom offset metric?
  17. This pretty much sums up the competition.....same $hit different packaging!!! https://www.moduleworks.com/partners/
  18. Some information here on the steps required to build your own MACHSIM. Doing like JP said starting with an existing machine is the easiest route. I can try to help you if you need help. https://youtu.be/iDcaZ-6ZGco https://youtu.be/V-MlskbrH5I
  19. Did you try updating the HASP drivers?
  20. Only one of those is "primo".... :D~~~~~
  21. Haas 5axis is as rigid as a wet cardboard box!
  22. Your Cut Pattern - Cutting Method was set to Zigzag...change this to one way. Your Part Definition - Direction was missing the selection of the axis of the stock solid on level 20.

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