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  1. Reko

    Multiaxis crash

    Stop telling me what to do.
  2. Reko

    Multiaxis crash

    Just messin' with him. Who are you... the troll police?
  3. Reko

    Multiaxis crash

    Just trying to keep you informed.
  4. Reko

    Multiaxis crash

    I'll send you a message every time there is a post in this thread. I just wanna help I can quote it for you if you don't want to come here to look?
  5. Yep, my dealer told me the same thing. The software is eventually what everyone will be going to.... whether it's handed out by a network server, or on each individual PC.
  6. Yeah... just to be clear... I'm not necessarily denigrating the Nethap's... it just wasn't working for us. We have a decent network too... so that's curious... and it was recently upgraded by a professional company that certifies networking for DoD and aerospace security... so it's not a mom-and-pop hack-job network server. Day two with the Codemeter software licensing... no problems yet. Fingers crossed.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Shout out to my dealer in Wixom, Michigan... Axsys Incorporated. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Five out of Five stars!!!! I have been dealing with them for a long time... decades... and because I work at a local college tech department, I come in contact with dozens of people that have dealt with them too... and quite honestly... I have never heard one bad report... never... not once. They respond quickly to every request. Both sales and tech support are outstanding. Some every knowledgeable people work there. IMHO, they are a world class company... and a benchmark for the industry. I wish everyone had a great distributer like I do.
  8. Okay... I just want to update this thread for posterity. We could not find a way to stabilize what we had while using the Nethasp... tried adjusting the communication time and made a few other adjustments our distributer suggested... but nothing worked. We were still rebooting the server almost every say... sometimes more than once. Finally, our dealer suggested going away from the Nethasp to software handling of the licensing... he said eventually, this is where everything is going to go anyway, so might as well get it installed now and maybe it would help. Set that up last night. Today was the first full day with it... so far so good. I will update this in a week or so and note our results. I hope this works.
  9. Reko

    Dynamic open contour

  10. Reko

    Weird dropdown meny problem

    What kind of video card are you running? Ron is on to something there... seems like a video card issue. Also, maybe run the install/repair... couldn't hurt.
  11. Reko

    New Compuer, how to move?

    I know this doesn't answer your question... but I like the last line of your paragraph. I like the idea of starting with a fresh platform with Mastercam exactly the way it is intended to be for that release. I always wonder what my old settings through migration might be covering up. No migration for me.
  12. Reko

    Weird dropdown meny problem

    Lol... that name tho
  13. Reko

    Using a Boring Head on a CNC

    I program bore-in-bore-out ( G85 ) and tell the operator to change it to G76 ( shift ).
  14. We looked at the dedicated DNC unit... I think that's the way to go... but we found an old PC with a serial port so we're good to go for now. Thanks everyone.

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