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  1. @Colin Gilchrist Colin... thank you. Once again, you nailed it. I have experienced True-5-Axis singularities... but I never thought about them occurring in 3+2 situations. Excellent explanation!
  2. Reko

    X+ License file

    Just send me $1 million in US dollars... I can get you the license through a guy I know named Gunther. You're welcome
  3. Mastercam 2020 ************************************ This is a co-worker's problem. I triple checked... his planes are correct. ************************************** Main Plane = A0 B0 Secondary Plane = A90. B-40. ************************************* When I program a 5-axis job using planes, I always force a tool change for operations with the same tool. That allows for a safe rotation for my table-table Haas to locate. My coworker doesn't always do this... he sets a safe retract number in the post... say, Z8.000" and he says that always works... until now using MC2020. ************************************* When I post the Main toolpath alone... it posts A0 B0... which it should. But... when I post the operation directly above it... the Secondary... which has a plane rotation of A90. B-40. then the Main toolpath posts out at B-40. A0. Again... posting alone... it is A0 B0 …………. but with the tool path above it selected... A0. B-40. Crazy. ************************************* The only think I can think is there could be something in the post telling it to remain located at B-40. because it is the shortest path. I looked at the difference in the posted numbers in X and Y... and A0 B-40. XY numbers are different from posting the toolpath by itself ( A0,B0 ) so I believe Mastercam THINKS it is making a good program, but because my part origin is not located on center of the platter, the program is incorrect and can not be used. ************************************ Our work around is to force a tool change... that makes the main plane post out at A0 B0. so we are moving forward. ************************************ Bottom line question... is there a switch... either in the machine def, control def, or the post.... that will force the output of the main plane to ALWAYS post at A0 B0? Thanks.
  4. Reko

    Millimeter to Inches

    Just in time.
  5. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    Awesome... thanks for that rundown Pete. I appreciate your time.
  6. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    If you don't mind me asking, what text book do you use for Solidworks with the MC add-on?
  7. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    Thank you. That was very helpful.
  8. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    I am curious how much demand there would be for this type of training. Perhaps I need to poll a few shops in the area to gage demand.
  9. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    So, is that the c-hook you are referring to? It sounds like you are saying, might just as well go straight to Mastercam?
  10. Reko

    SolidWorks - Mastercam Add-on

    Would it be accurate to say that Solidworks with a Mastercam add-on is a stripped down version of Mastercam? Less toolpaths, less options, workable, but not as powerful? That is what I have heard.
  11. I teach Mastercam ( stand alone version ) at my local community college. I am not familiar with the Solidworks/Mastercam add-on. For those of you who are familiar with it... would there be any value to getting this and incorporating it into our curriculum? Thanks.
  12. Reko

    Mazak questions

    This is a red flag to me. I've seen good shops have major problems ( bankruptcy/ out of business ) when they stray from what made them successful in the first place. Big work is a different animal altogether, from the slam-it-in-a-vise-and-go type of work. I'm not saying you can't do it... I know you are an intelligent, driven guy, I'm just saying, be careful. There is likely a reason you are getting "pushed into it"... and it's probably because the shops currently doing the big work for these customers are telling them no... and doing the jobs properly with reasonable timing... I've been there... big work is a high pressure game. If you give this bigger work a go... good luck... but surround yourself with excellent machinists, because mistakes on the big stuff can wreck you. JM2C
  13. Reko

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

    A shop we have done a lot of work for in the past, is pushing 100% CAD driven, electronic data and a paperless workflow. They use Siemens software... we have JT2Go, a free viewer, to look at their parts for estimating and supposedly, shop floor viewing... it is set up as a CAD style viewer so the operator can rotate the part around and click on details to see dimensions. The operators hate this format... they can't look over and spot a dimension on a paper drawing... they literally have to stop what they're doing, walk over to a computer, and start clicking around to get the information they need to proceed. All the typical problems are there... crashes and glitches... clicking on the wrong thing and clicking back or exit... dirty, grimy computer devices from being on the shop floor... it just hasn't gone well... it's been a painful process. The company refuses to provide standard drawings with views and cross-sections, on PDF's or some other simple way to convey part information. It was a tough decision, but we stopped quoting their jobs for about 3 months... I think other places have as well. Well, now they are asking us to start quoting again and offering to send PDF's too... I think they finally understand… while it is easier for them... it is far too difficult for the rest of the manufacturing processes down the line. I think it is still a bit too early to make a push for all electronic data in manufacturing. Computers in general, and especially CAD systems, are still mystical devices to a lot of people. It's hard to beat a good old blueprint spread across a bench next to your machine. I see set up sheets in the same way. A good one or two page set up sheet, with a few arrows sketched in showing where zero is, and a few hand written notes... well, call me old school, but I'm sticking with that. Sometimes simple is better.
  14. So, in Mcam-2020, I'll click on the "Save Parameters to Default File" button and it crashes and kicks me right out of Mastercam. Just did it on Opti-Rough a while ago... went in again and reproduced it... again in Opti-Rough. Went into Area Rough... updated twice... worked fine... third time... crash. Anyone else see this problem?
  15. Reko

    Stock Models

    Penny smart, pound foolish is an old saying... tell your boss Reko said to pony up some cash for a decent PC.

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