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  1. So, in Mcam-2020, I'll click on the "Save Parameters to Default File" button and it crashes and kicks me right out of Mastercam. Just did it on Opti-Rough a while ago... went in again and reproduced it... again in Opti-Rough. Went into Area Rough... updated twice... worked fine... third time... crash. Anyone else see this problem?
  2. Reko

    Stock Models

    Penny smart, pound foolish is an old saying... tell your boss Reko said to pony up some cash for a decent PC.
  3. Reko

    Stock Models

    I have heard a lot of people complain about stock models, but as long as you use the right strategies... while not flawless... stock models are pretty awesome. STL's are old school... I haven't used them in years. I have had 20 or more stock models in one file across multiple multi-axis operations without issue. Using stock models are the only way for me. Here are a few things I do for success: - Never pick center drills to add to your stock models. The problem may have been corrected by now, but when I started using stock models they always caused problems and, in my experience, they aren't needed for representation anyway. - Don't use weird custom geometry. Feed mills come to mind. There is already too much information getting crunched... why complicate it? Take a few minutes to sketch up what size Bull EM will fit over your feed mill... then use that. The difference in geometry is inconsequential... it is only a rougher... and the time you save in computing and headaches will be enormous. - Save frequently. That way if you have a problem with something going dirty... instead of spending hours regenerating... you can just re-open your file... redo 2 or 3 toolpaths... and keep going. And use Mastercam's Back-Up function... it can save you hours of work. - If you need to make a change to a toolpath early on in a program... duplicate your file... then make the change in the new file. Again...there is no such thing as having too many backup files. *** Very important on this subject... I'm not suggesting having multiple files!!! I am saying, as you go along and run into a problem... it is a huge time saver to have a good file to go back to.... you at least have the option to go back to a file that had zero problems... then, redo 2 or 3 or 5 toolpaths, rather than regenerating for hours at a time... then getting a dirty toolpath again... then regenerating again. Regenerating is the enemy, unless you are convinced it will be a quicker solution.... but even then... make a back up file first. - Last resort... if your toolpaths keep going dirty... lock them... that is what the function is there for. Finally, if you are doing big work... don't be afraid to work across multiple files. Of course, I would agree, it is better to have all of your operations in one file... it is much more orderly... but I have worked on enormous files of 80,000 lb. parts... files so big and slow it was absurd... wasting hours regenerating previously proven out operations when it isn't necessary is silly. Save, save, save. We all wish software worked flawless with no workarounds... but that's just fantasy with high-level engineering software... especially when they are releasing cutting edge technology from year to year... there are simply going to be bugs and flaws. Get your house in order... use good practices... it will save hours, days and weeks of yours and your employers time. JM2C.
  4. Reko

    New Mikron

    I'm with pullo… I ran a Heidenhain for years and it is prolly my favorite controller... very powerful controller.
  5. The gentleman that posted those links passed away. I suspect his blog has as well.
  6. Reko


    Thanks Pete. We just bought the Catia translator from our reseller, Axsys Inc, here in Michigan because a new customer wasn't interested in translating the files for us, but they are giving us enough work to justify it. The question, so far, about Pro-E/Creo was just a questionnaire I needed to fill in an answer to for a potential new customer. If we get a lot of work from them, we will definitely purchase it, but no need right now.
  7. Reko


    Thanks guys.
  8. Reko


    I am filling out a questionnaire for a new customer and they are asking if I can open Pro-E files. I have Mastercam and SolidWorks but I am not certain. Can someone post a Pro-E file... or perhaps know the answer to this? Thanks!
  9. Reko

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    They both work fine, but on occasion I have struggled with faceting on the old-school SWARF... so Pattern/SWARF Milling is the better one, IMO.
  10. Reko

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    If you open the "Linking" tab plus sign... the old SWARF has the entry/exit option under there... but yes... definitely more controls and options with the Module Works SWARF.
  11. Reko

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    Hmmm... yes... the SWARF milling under the pattern tab is the Module Works one... but by the terminology you are using... wall following, cut tolerance, and filter... you might have clicked on the SWARF under the Applications tab by mistake. The newer SWARF doesn't really use the wording you described in your first post. The old SWARF toolpath still works... but I have had better luck with the default, or looser tolerances there. The newer Module Works SWARF has solved my problem of faceting and poor finishes... it seems a bit more complex, but anything with more options is necessarily more complicated because you have to learn a greater number of concepts.
  12. Reko

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    Which SWARF are you using? I've had better luck getting good finishes with the newer Module Works SWARF.
  13. Reko

    Mass edit only wcs

    Not really. You can only mass edit toolpaths whose planes you want identical to each other. You can group together ( checkmark ) common planes and mass edit them... but not if the tplane and cplane need to be different... you'll need to do those in separate mass edits.
  14. Reko

    Scallop rest-passes

    If it's corners left from bigger ball EM's, I have better success with Pencil when stepping to smaller ball EM's. Then, scallop and containment boundaries for any other small misses. I've just never had good luck with finish rest passes... old-school paths or new.
  15. When I need to see the range of something I use dynamic transform. Prolly not the powerful solution you're looking for, but it helps.

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