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  1. Extremely tough order for any machine. Probing will be your friend here. on DMU You can get away with creating custom kinematics tables depending on the temperature in Siemens and especially on Heidenhain controls or simply automatically check kinematics every part you run. We (DMGMORI) have added coolant chiller/heater for customers with similar issues where environmental was just too extreme...and yours really is extreme. This alleviates a lot... possibly the best solution for you outside of getting environment under control. Kinematics take care of the machine, but not the part....so controlling temp inside the machine (the whole machine really) is your best bet.... otherwise chasing dimensional changes of weirdly shaped parts depending on temp is impossible...yup...coolant chiller/heater and just keep it circulating non-stop Sorry...a little winded response Hth
  2. Wow. Why? I guess it's good for your competitors :) Siemens/Heidenhain too powerful for you? Or do you like to machine slow? Longest warranty not long enough? I'm visiting customers almost daily and feel bad how behind in technology they still are. Granted, some of that is their own fault because of lack of training and such... If you have a local/close support, then DMGMORI should be at the top of the list for 5axis consideration. A like few of the machines in the list. Yasda definitely, top notch. Matsurra - pretty good. But hearing someone say to stay away from a DMGMORI is just nuts. Most of the competition offers cat40 as a standard on higher rpm spindles...which is ridiculous...and there is so much more... Jm2c
  3. Ryan will set you up really quickly. Us and our customers have been pretty impressed with Cimco Probing thus far.
  4. Yup , pretty much We sell a boat load of machines with Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc and Mitsubishi controls. All 5-axis stuff is pretty much exclusively Siemens/Heidenhain based though imho For 95+% programmers it won't make a whole lot of difference....for the remaining 5 or less....the difference could be huge. As said in one of the posts, with Siemens/Heidenhain just define a tool as right angle head in the control and you simply program it as any other tool...the control takes care of EVERYTHING else. Can't be simpler than this. And there is a crapload of little nuggets like that, Look ahead is way better, control faster, native probing super powerful....5-6 decimal points code...let the control figure out the best path and such... Just tested Cimco probing on a DMU with either control....align plane, align axis, find datum...almost off the shelf post and go...no renishaw inspection plus macros to load on the machine...it JUST works. Simple. Once you learn it you don't really want to go back, but....I do love me a fanuc control too. Always look forward to training customers on a new NHX or whatever... again...jm2c, put the flamethrowers away
  5. I sure am going to miss your advice and expertise. You've done an awesome job leading the multiaxis product!!! Thanks for all the help over the last decade or so <cheers> !!!
  6. Thanks Ron, I didn't think to look there )
  7. Hey all, Does anyone have a nice, usable model of the Globe or Ironman that they can share? Working on a demo. Thanks!
  8. Postability has a very good post for DMU FD TNC640 type machines. Just make sure you get the latest software update for the machine. Heidenhain and FD is still pretty new in US. We probably sold the first one about 1.5-2 years ago.
  9. Shouldn't be that bad. We have a bunch of customers with that type of machines and it's usually pretty smooth sailing after few weeks...most of the time it's just a matter of training. Jay K and Bill M might be great contacts at CNC Software for those types of issues IF it comes to training?
  10. Send James the parameters as he asked. He is as good as they come and if anyone can help you with Matsuura that would be him ))
  11. That's exactly right. Almost always happens with either a recent win update or new win install. I'd go ahead and reinstall the files shown in my original post
  12. Strange. The above steps fixed the issue for every customer that had this error....hmmm
  13. The error you are seeing: MSVCR100.dll is showing because of either the 2015 or 2010 redistributable C++ package is missing. First try the 2015 redistributable installation before the 2010 to see if that works for you: Here is the direct link to the 2015 redistributables.. Make sure both are installed…. The x64 and x86. 2015: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 2010: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26999
  14. Nothing to it, high speed internet and VPN will be a must. I've done it for about 3-4 years prior to joining dmgmori. On a corporate level, an important thing would be to have a corporate CC/credit for air travel/car rental and hotel when traveling (or some reimbursement program). Other than that, remember to get off the chair and take a walk or something. I remember initially taking my first break after 5-6 hrs of working and working late everyday. Pace yourself and come up with some exercise schedule. 5 minute every hr works )) And talk to people, don't be a hermit, lol...sitting in the office alone for a whole day can be challenging to some. I still do that to some degree at my current gig and am loving it.

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