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  1. taperlength

    Threadmilling problem

    For a UNJC thread make it the max minor hole diameter, .094 inch. Another trick is to run progressively bigger passes, starting .001 higher each time so its cutting on one side like a lathe threading tool.
  2. taperlength

    Question about direction of chain

    Is it a right hand or left hand end mill ?
  3. taperlength

    Anyone use a newer Fadal?

    You could edit in a M99 Pnnnn line after the tool change and Z rapid move to jump to line nnnn. Just remember to edit it out afterwards
  4. taperlength

    Hard coat 7075 aluminum

    Did that years ago by turning the area to be stripped .010 higher and cutting it off the coating with a PCD tool
  5. I have a set of these attachments for calipers. With some practice, they will measure inside grooves to +/-.001 Just calibrate them on a ring gage or just a micrometer set for the groove diameter. I set the dial or digital readout to Zero at the nominal diameter.
  6. taperlength

    Any Siemens 828D Gurus ?

    Thanks Daniel, lots of good info in that document JLW, we are programming with the included conversational software at the machine, so not much macro knowledge on this control. Newbee, we have a tech coming soon from Siemens, I will ask him what is known about it. Hand changing tools on a cnc lathe is kinda weird, but it does allow some long boring bars to be used and then removed to be out of the way.
  7. taperlength

    GD&T Runout @ MMC?

    My book on geometric tolerancing says that if coaxiality is the prime consideration, then a Concentricity callout is preferable to a True Position. The same MMC can be applied to both the feature and the datum.
  8. I have a toolroom type CNC lathe with a Siemens 828d control on it. The control only has 8 active tool offsets possible. However, the tools are hand changed on an Aloris type toolpost, so I could have way more than 8 tools for a job. So the question is; how to change the number of active tool offsets? I'm sure this control is also used on lathes with larger tool turrets than only 8. Any info or links welcome
  9. taperlength

    Mazak VC-500A/5X

    Looks similar to the Variaxis J-500-5X only the trunnion tilts the other way. If I won the lottery, I would put one in my garage.
  10. Used to turn 15-5 on an Okuma years ago. Nowhere near that long though. Nice feature on the Okuma is the LAP cycle can be modified with decreased depth of cut and/or feedrate depending on the diameter. So it can start roughing with heavy cuts and then at specified diameters, reduce the DOC and/or feedrate. As I recall it is a G84 line after the G85 line and before the G81 line.
  11. taperlength

    Gundrill source

    I use Sterling. They will make it for the material you are drilling.
  12. taperlength

    Scroll wheel zooms out

    Try a different mouse?
  13. taperlength

    Offset boring head recomendation?

    Page 5 in this pdf; http://www.commandtool.com/assets/uploads/general/U_Class_Flyers/URMA_Boring_Head_Kits.pdf
  14. taperlength

    Tool library . Fanuc Robodrill w/ 31i b5

    I had a similar situation recently and copied the existing library, renumbered the tools and then made a cheat sheet showing showing the new tool numbers next to the old numbers. Changing the tool numbers on the Robodrill if even possible, would be confusing to the operator because the numbers are on the magazine right above the spindle. The machine uses a 30 taper spindle so its not going to be sharing the actual tools with other machines any way.
  15. taperlength

    Product Levels

    What happens if a file done on Mill 3D is opened on a computer with only Mill ?

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