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  1. civiceg

    Different stock in Verify vs MachSim

    Create a Stock model from your STL. Then make the stock model be defined as your stock in the stock setup. Then when using machine sim use Mastercam's stock setup, which is your stock model.
  2. civiceg

    Multiaxis crash

    Is your other op using 4 surfaces as well? From what I got out of your first post was that anytime you have a Multi-axis op with more than one surface. Mastercam crashes.
  3. civiceg

    Multiaxis crash

    surface normal mismatched?
  4. civiceg

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Create a Pmesh from the stock model, then once you are at a point where you are not changing your process, recreate the stock model from the Pmesh instead of the tool paths. This way you break the association and when you have to regenerate a operation, the stock model stays intact. Yes it is a little more work, but it beats having to regenerate operations that are referencing the stock model.
  5. civiceg

    X axis is inverted?

    It really comes down to how you want to program a TL. You can use the ST post and be done, just need to program it as a upper turret machine. I prefer this way, that way if you want to run the same program on another lathe that is a slant, just change the post and go. If you program a TL as a lower turret machine, you would have to mirror the geometry and then change the post when moving over to another lathe. If you change the multiplier like Colin said, I believe you will also have an issue with the arcs being reversed.
  6. Yes came across that ebay listing. I pulled the mfg from the pictures, but it looks like it was just a MSC brand. I was hoping they made it in CAT50. As like you said they are the same taper. I think this the plan. Waiting to see if the customer will accept this as a solution.
  7. This is an example of CAT-50 to MT5. I am leaning towards a mt5 to mt6 adapter. Then machining the mt5 portion to a straight shank and putting it in an side lock endmill holder. Unfortunately I don't have a good way to machine a blank CAT50 holder. As I don't have access to the machine its going on.
  8. Anyone know of a tool holder manufacturer that makes a CAT-50 holder to MT6. All of the unique holder manufactures I have checked with only go up to MT5. Using a MT5 to MT6 adapter just makes the assembly way too long.
  9. What about a older Haas TM? One that has no enclosure? You can usually find a low hour one for 15 to 20k.
  10. civiceg

    Programming G112 by hand??

    That should be no problem to do. I normally use wear comp, but you can use control or wear. Are you starting at the 3 O'clock position? Shoot me you email and ill send you a sample nc file on monday.
  11. civiceg

    Programming G112 by hand??

    Haas uses Y instead of a C address like FANUC. Haas also uses staight xy code. You also do not have to double x values. What year st30? The NGC did have a software update to addrss alarms being generated with programs close to centerline.
  12. civiceg

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    Select output options to get to the filtering page, also you have tolerance and toolpath corner % to play with.
  13. civiceg

    CAMplete TurnMill

    This is correct. I wish it wasn't so.
  14. civiceg

    Haas 617 alarm missing adress code

    I would delete your tool's comment and test. Just because the alarm stops one a particular line does not always mean it is in fact on that line. Also, with different versions of software on Haas machines through out the years, they all handle things a little differently.

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