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  1. civiceg

    Screen back ground colors

    Black background. Lime Green wireframe. Solids/surfaces whatever color I am feel looking at that given day.
  2. civiceg

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    Moving? ....moved. Can't buy a new seat with a perpetual license.
  3. civiceg

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    I will be very interesting to see if they make a 2022 plugin. I loved the product but can't see it living long term as a standalone. Death by Subscription!
  4. wrong probe channel? should be the same though. Different MTB between what it is on vs where its going?
  5. If you are using Mastercam to program DED, FDM, and other extrusion additive or hybrid machines. You should be using the Aplus Plugin. Very easy to do what you are after with Aplus.
  6. civiceg


    The problem is the inherent increased linear error as you move further from COR, due to the rotary error. Having the ball mounted as close to COR as possible you reduce this error. However, that being said nothing wrong with doing a sanity check at different locations to double check. I normally run AxiSet around each rotary axis around 10 times at one fixed location, depending how bad it was first off. At least every 45 degrees for each hit, as you can see outliers in the plot. For most machines I can easily get it sub .0005" total error. But it depends on the overall accuracy of the machine. Running AxiSet a bunch of times really allows you to find tune your COR values and to make sure it is repeatable.
  7. civiceg


    I try to keep the artifact as close to center of rotation for both rotaries whenever possible when running AxiSet. This minimizes any rotary error. But, I do not typically make people break setups down and have ran it mounted in various locations to make it work. You can get creative with AxiSet, not sure of the differences between it and Mazacheck.
  8. Haas uses a "y" axis address using G112. The idea is that you could take straight mill code, alter start and end commands and run it. It does not matter if the machine has an actual y axis or not. G112 always uses a Y axis address to simulate y axis movement. FANUC uses a C address with G12.1. Same functionality as Haas, but the c address while using g12.1 is the simulated y axis motion. I do believe FANUC's C axis commands are in radius compared to Haas Y axis values in diameter. But it has been years since I had access to both. Might also be a parameter on the FANUC side. G12.1 or G112 will always give better results than polar as the control is handling the c axis steps and feed rate calulation. Due do the disimilar units of the x and c axis. Why do you want to spin the c axis 360 degrees to cut an off center hole? You can machine 360 degrees of the off center hole with limited physical c axis movement. Did you check centerline of your axial live tool with a coaxial indicator or a super rigid test indicator setup? AKA not using an arm on a mag base. Could also be backlash in the c axis causing holes to be small.
  9. civiceg

    Nominal Models Rant

    The worst part is it is not just a few engineers. Its some of the largest companies. NG is famous for that crap, update a rev because parts don't fit together. Leave the model alone and change the profile tolerance to make it to one side.
  10. civiceg

    Different stock in Verify vs MachSim

    Create a Stock model from your STL. Then make the stock model be defined as your stock in the stock setup. Then when using machine sim use Mastercam's stock setup, which is your stock model.
  11. civiceg

    Multiaxis crash

    Is your other op using 4 surfaces as well? From what I got out of your first post was that anytime you have a Multi-axis op with more than one surface. Mastercam crashes.
  12. civiceg

    Multiaxis crash

    surface normal mismatched?
  13. civiceg

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Create a Pmesh from the stock model, then once you are at a point where you are not changing your process, recreate the stock model from the Pmesh instead of the tool paths. This way you break the association and when you have to regenerate a operation, the stock model stays intact. Yes it is a little more work, but it beats having to regenerate operations that are referencing the stock model.
  14. civiceg

    X axis is inverted?

    It really comes down to how you want to program a TL. You can use the ST post and be done, just need to program it as a upper turret machine. I prefer this way, that way if you want to run the same program on another lathe that is a slant, just change the post and go. If you program a TL as a lower turret machine, you would have to mirror the geometry and then change the post when moving over to another lathe. If you change the multiplier like Colin said, I believe you will also have an issue with the arcs being reversed.
  15. Yes came across that ebay listing. I pulled the mfg from the pictures, but it looks like it was just a MSC brand. I was hoping they made it in CAT50. As like you said they are the same taper. I think this the plan. Waiting to see if the customer will accept this as a solution.

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