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  1. civiceg

    Printed Gcode

    At my old job most of the jobs that were castings became parts made from solid with modern toolpaths and multiaxis. Now there is still a place for castings. However, by using newer methods alot of parts that needed to be castings 10- 20 years ago, can now be 100 percent machined for much cheaper.
  2. civiceg

    Haas Post

    Tech exchange on
  3. civiceg

    3D Model Haas Tailstock for HRT310

    At one point I believe Haas made a standalone HRT-310 tailstock. Now it comes with a riser. Not sure if it is the same height as the HRT-210 or slightly taller. As the riser looks smaller than 3"
  4. What is your preference for programming a table/table 5 axis horizontal? Top/Top/Top is B0C0? like a vertical or Top/Front/Front is B0C0 like most program a horizontal?
  5. civiceg

    Cleaning tool holders

    You can get some pretty big ultrasonic cleaners off ebay for under 150 bucks that would fit most CAT 40 holders. I ordered one for doing parts post tumbling, never tried any of my tooling though.
  6. civiceg

    3+2 programming and tool changes

    This has been around for many years on a Haas(15+). It was just parameters using encoder counts to preposition to the location before a tool change. Much easier on a NGC though. Exact same functionality. You could also alias an M6 or do a combination of both. Most UMC post have a misc integer to not go to the "home position" during mid op rotations and also at the start/end of the operation. Postability, IHS, and I even believe the Mastercam Direct post also has a misc integer for it. Just have to make sure your retract plane is high enough when turned off.
  7. G28 burns you once....G53 for the rest of my life.
  8. civiceg

    Proposed Dynamic Mill Feed and Speed Database

    I saved it as an Excel Sheet awhile back. Would be nice if we kept it going. As things have only improved with machines, tooling and, tool paths since this time. One of those things, not enough hours in the day. Chris was a hell of a guy to compile all the info. I give this out to anyone who asks. Dynamic Mill Database.xlsx
  9. civiceg

    Milling with Robots

    I would make sure the 2nd floor is some what stout. If not someone is going to be re-leveling that UMC every few months.
  10. I think the 2019 HLE will still allow you to open an X6 file directly. So you could open it with that and export the nodel as a step.
  11. +1 to the Dell referbs. I run a M6800 that was fully optioned out, that I use solely at home that was a referb. Mcam is the only thing on it and it smokes my Precision 5520 that I use for work. Which was about 3 times the cost of the referb M6800.
  12. civiceg

    Mazak questions

    What about Grob?
  13. G110 (Older Haas) =G154P1 (Newer Haas) Newer machines are backwards compatible. It will work, just confuses people. See if your post has this line, depends on the version. extoffset : 1 #Extended workoffsets Output Type; 0 outputs G110-G129; 1 outputs G154 P1-P99
  14. I turn micro lift to zero and only double my back feed. Having the z axis come up .005 or whatever small micro lift distance you are using on large tool paths ain't good on the ballscrew. False Brinelling and lack of lube es el Diablo. I think if you have adequate distance in your moves and not peel milling a .280 slot with a 1/4 endmill it is not detrimental to the machine. Probably even better for it, compared to the violent chattering of 50 percent step overs and trapping the cutter. Dynamic, Vortex, Volumill, and Adaptive tool paths have been on long production runs for quite some time. I have not seen any increase in ball screw replacements.
  15. civiceg

    haas 4th axis

    If you need solid models to use for machine simulation, you can download the machine and rotary table from Haas. You will then have to associate the necessary pieces to create a Mastercam machine simulation file. You can't post with the HLE so I assuming you are talking about machine sim.

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