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  1. civiceg

    Milling with Robots

    I would make sure the 2nd floor is some what stout. If not someone is going to be re-leveling that UMC every few months.
  2. I think the 2019 HLE will still allow you to open an X6 file directly. So you could open it with that and export the nodel as a step.
  3. +1 to the Dell referbs. I run a M6800 that was fully optioned out, that I use solely at home that was a referb. Mcam is the only thing on it and it smokes my Precision 5520 that I use for work. Which was about 3 times the cost of the referb M6800.
  4. civiceg

    Mazak questions

    What about Grob?
  5. G110 (Older Haas) =G154P1 (Newer Haas) Newer machines are backwards compatible. It will work, just confuses people. See if your post has this line, depends on the version. extoffset : 1 #Extended workoffsets Output Type; 0 outputs G110-G129; 1 outputs G154 P1-P99
  6. I turn micro lift to zero and only double my back feed. Having the z axis come up .005 or whatever small micro lift distance you are using on large tool paths ain't good on the ballscrew. False Brinelling and lack of lube es el Diablo. I think if you have adequate distance in your moves and not peel milling a .280 slot with a 1/4 endmill it is not detrimental to the machine. Probably even better for it, compared to the violent chattering of 50 percent step overs and trapping the cutter. Dynamic, Vortex, Volumill, and Adaptive tool paths have been on long production runs for quite some time. I have not seen any increase in ball screw replacements.
  7. civiceg

    haas 4th axis

    If you need solid models to use for machine simulation, you can download the machine and rotary table from Haas. You will then have to associate the necessary pieces to create a Mastercam machine simulation file. You can't post with the HLE so I assuming you are talking about machine sim.
  8. civiceg

    Right Angle Probing

    The Haas NGC template won't let you probe Z+. However, you can program a Z+ single surface by directly using inspection plus routines. Which your Haas has, you just can't use the Haas GUI.
  9. I used a M268 on our A66 with a Pro 3. Was not a full 4th only 1 degree indexing. S1069M3 G0G90G54X-.2105Y.6129 M97(COOLANT) M268(HSM ON) G43H239Z.25 Z.2 G1Z0.F6.42 X-.7105 G3X-1.2105Y.1129R.5 X-.1505Y-.9471R1.06 X.9095Y.1129R1.06 X-.1505Y1.1729R1.06 X-1.2105Y.1129R1.06 X-.7105Y-.3871R.5 G1X-.2105 Z.2 G0Z.25 M05 M269(HSM OFF)
  10. If you don't use DWO/TCPC. Then yes, change the vectors and the axis labels. Like I said the change along the Y has been well documented. FYI the portion I posted still has the vectors for a trunnion along the X. If you wan't to use DWO/TCPC then you have to do a quite a bit of work. Or buy a post. I would HIGHLY recommend a post from Postability.
  11. I would start with the 2019 version of the vf/tr post. Are you running a NGC Haas? Then the rotary axis should follow normal convention(X/A Y/B Z/C). You will have to change the addresses to output B/C. Then change the rotaxis/rotdir to setup a trunnion along the Y axis. If you are running a Non-NGC Haas axis naming stays as A/B so nothing has to be done to the names. You just have to change the rotaxis/rotdir for a trunnion along the Y. This is pretty well documented on the forum here. As well as the other minor fixes that have to be done to get it work right. Max inverse time set to 45000. etc. #Primary axis angle description (in machine base terms) #With nutating (mtype 3-5) the nutating axis must be the XY plane rotaxis1$ = vecy #Zero rotdir1$ = -vecx #Direction #Secondary axis angle description (in machine base terms) #With nutating (mtype 3-5) the nutating axis and this plane normal #are aligned to calculate the secondary angle rotaxis2$ = vecz #Zero rotdir2$ = vecy #Direction
  12. civiceg


    If it is a Next Generation Haas control with at least a 4th axis it has TCPC/DWO. If it is not paid for, the option still can be used for the 100 hour trial.
  13. civiceg


    It is not. G234 is correct for a Haas. Logically yes 243 would have made better sense though. However it was already used before TCPC came out.
  14. civiceg


    What is the alarm number? Did you setup the centerpoint of rotation in the correct settings?
  15. civiceg

    5 axis help

    Post a sample file

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