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  1. What control? I know when they first came back this last go around they were putting FANUC controls on them, but now its a FADAL control. I would try starting off with single block on, then single block past the G43 line, that way the look-ahead is limited, then jump to where you want. I used to do this on FANUCs or put a GOTO line after the G43 line to do the jump automatically in the program with. Either way be cautious. The GOTO line should work for pretty much any control. Unless the machine doesn't have the function/ option turned on.
  2. civiceg

    Feed change during Finish Toolpath

    You can use semi finish in the roughing op. This will allow you to change the feed rate for the "finish" pass in the roughing op.
  3. Thanks LeoC, I just ordered a potential solution from Calmotion. Should be at my office when I get back from vacation!! If I could get away from RS232 I would, non-negotiable unfortunately.
  4. Does anyone have a solution to connect a machine that does not support RS232 with a network that uses RS232? A serial connection has to be used on the network end, no changing this part. The machines support Ethernet and USB. So either RS232 to USB or RS232 to Ethernet are viable options. Right now I think I may have a solution of data-logging from RS232 to SD then USB to the control. There is the issue of drivers not picking up the media on the CNC control. If the drivers are not an issue, I think this would work for receiving programs. I am just skeptical on uploading programs to the network with the reverse of the device I linked below. As a cliff note I am not trying to go from a RS232 machine to another media as this has been done for quite sometime. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. civiceg

    HAAS GR712 3-axis Router

    It depends on what machine/ tool changer it has for how much positive z axis travel it has. As machine Z0 is the tool change height, not top of the travel.
  6. civiceg

    HAAS GR712 3-axis Router

    You can Alias the M6 on a Haas. When you have Z travel clearance issues, I always setup a safe tool change position on the machine (top of travel). This way if you hit ATC FWD/REV, it will go to the top of travel as no M6 is being used. Then Alias the M6 to go to the top of travel before and after the toolchange. Thirdly modify the post to use G53 instead of G28 to go to the top of travel. You have to modify the post as G91G28Z0 will not bring the Z to the top of travel on a Haas.
  7. civiceg

    G68.2 locations seem off.

    Renishaw AxiSet. It works really well but it's not exactly cheap.
  8. civiceg


    I would imagine so someone editing the file, does not have to change it on multiple lines or do a mass edit when using a different tool number. I wouldn't do it mainly because if you use a regrind the finish pass is now taking more than you anticipated.
  9. civiceg

    Haas 4th axis advise

    The problem with entering a diameter into the setting is if you change the diameter you are effectively cutting at, your feed rates will not be correct. Inverse time is the preferred method on older Haas machines. The control's setting for diameter is irrelevant when using G93. The only real downside to inverse time on a 4th axis is not having the ability to change the feed rate in the program at the machine. But, your feed rates will be correct regardless if your tool position changes relative to COR.
  10. They still make them. They were coming out with FANUC controls on the last re-re-go of it. Looks like they are back on their own control now.
  11. civiceg

    Parting Monel K 500

    What does the insert look like when you change it?
  12. civiceg

    Advice needed on lathe training.

    It's a Y axis lathe. Unless you are doing extremely simple work with live tooling, I would highly recommend getting Mcam lathe. The post is pretty solid that is included for free. As long as you are using 2017 and beyond.
  13. civiceg

    c axis feed output

    Does the control support G12.1?
  14. civiceg

    Cermet inserts

    I would rough it with carbide and finish with Cermet. Facing to center or even small diameters sucks without the RPM on 1018. Had to do a run off on a lathe with only 2400 RPM and the part required a 32 finish on all features. Turning the OD there was no difference, but facing was noticeably better with Cermet.

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