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  1. Tap Code for MATSUURA VX1000

    Biggest issue is how slow you are cutting the thread. On those material the slower SFM is your biggest issue here. You are rubbing the material not cutting it that slow. May be a sealed process, but a sealed process that scrap parts should be abandoned any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  2. surface rough pocket

    Expect if you want them to start from the outside you must make the boundary 125% larger than the tool diameter to get the cuts to start on the outside of the part.
  3. In the planes manager do you have the option to display WCS on?
  4. G&L Horizontal W/Z programming tips

    I hope after 2 years they got it sorted, but thanks for chiming in.
  5. 5 Axis OD Groove

    I changed it to a fixed axis and then used the Angle of the chamfer for part of my control. To cut that in one operation is possible with the toolpath you choose, but you have to work at it a little bit. Might revert back to Old school 5 Axis flowline and use some Vectors and see what that will yeild you is push comes to shove.
  6. Not an easy way to just change the generic post. FYI none of the Generic 5 Axis post have the Machine Definition Manager hooked up to them. For this you will need to contact a 3rd Party.
  7. You need to email support (at) mastercam (dot) com and get a hold of Mick George he will be your best help. Remove the spaces above and replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with .
  8. Okuma MC-4VAE OP5020

    Give Gosigenr a Call and anyone of the AE can help you. Sean Decker is the AE Manager for the West Coast and their office is about 15 miles from you. 866-385-2798
  9. Okuma MC-4VAE help

    Give Gosigenr a Call and anyone of the AE can help you. Sean Decker is the AE Manager for the West Coast and their office is about 15 miles from you. 866-385-2798
  10. Machine sin NHX 5000 DCG

    Sorry no we don't that is something you will have to contact your MTB for or reverse engineer it yourself.
  11. Newbie Lathe questions

    You can have it do the tools you need to change it in the machine properties.
  12. Newbie Lathe questions

    If you feed per revolution your feed should never change. Now if it is feed per inch and you are going against the normal process of using a lathe and it is not changing then you have found a bug. 1/2-20 Tap will feed at .05 per Rev at 500 rpms or 50000 rpms.
  13. 2018 5 axis Swarf window crash

    Yes running out of resources. Shut it down and restart Mastercam. I can normally save my file when I see this happen and not loose my work, where those who disagree with Autosave can get bitten. I have mine set to 30 minutes and do it up 10 times. I would call that system very minimal for doing these types of toolpaths and think that is really your biggest issue here that said my Dell 7710 I-7 6920 64gb with Quardo M5000 8gb and 1tb SSD does do this from time to time, but that is on 400mb and 1gb files.
  14. Verisurf has the PAS add-on that gives you the compliance you need for this standard. You can download the free add-on and give it a trail. I like the MoldPlus addon for the CATIA it does a great job of adding everything you need into the MoldPlus tab. I just helped a customer purchase Mastercam and Verisurf with the Master3DGage and pointed them in direction of adding the MoldPlus to use with the Master3DGage.
  15. Start slower and then kick it up. I would come down to 350 SFM and .02 per tooth feed rate. Then start kicking it up from there. A lot factors going to this like the part, the setup, holder and other things we are not able t be aware of. Just because that is what is recommend doesn’t make it useable in all situations. Your job is to gather all the factors and apply your best judgment to make it work.

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