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  1. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    You would need to change the MMD to tell it has a B axis capable of doing this in the Spindle I don't think you can just add this ability to the VTL. I think you have to trick it with a B axis and B Lathe Spindle to let the operations unlock the Spin ability on the tools, but once it done yes it just a simple as a click. Here is what I am talking about from an Integrex machine.
  2. Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    I don't see the same behavior in the SP3 of Mastercam 2018 is what I am saying. I can open and work with stock models like I would expect with no issues. Before SP1 I couldn't say that.
  3. Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    Are you on the latest patch of 2018?
  4. Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    Yes this was addressed and working like you would expect.
  5. Solid Gnomon for Active Reports and Solid Layout.

    Bump for those who might like this.
  6. Was cleaning up my forum files and added links to the this topic. Hope it gives others ideas.
  7. Extrude Hone used over a decade ago and it does good work. On the explosion deburring I cannot comment on. Simple search found this: Link #1 I think the explosion process is this method: Link #2
  8. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    Yes sir you are correct I forgot to do one step. On the last page of the Define tool is a tool Clearance page. I didn't do it so the tool is not full defined yet. On the last page need to click on the tool clearance to set the groove tool. Don't do the logical thing and run the tool scan you will get weird results. Manually type in the Width and Height as the same thing and you then should be good to go. I would change the percentage of step over to something like 40% or 50% and I would peck groove to get away from stringy chips. Here is a screen shot after the adjustment and you are where you expected to be. I removed the file from above and have a new file here with the changes. Running out of room on the forum so these pictures and file will disappear in the next couple of week. 5th Axis 2039916A.mcam
  9. How To Force Alternate 5 Axis Combination?

    What is the toolpath? There are limits in the toolpaths, but really going to come down to what toolpaths and process you are doing to see what might be the best method to help. Where did you get your post? Can go back to the post builder and ask them to add this ability.
  10. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    I made a change to the file and put the way I think it should be on Level 300. Check the file out and see if that gets you what is really going on with the machine.
  11. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    That is a great improvement, but it doesn't help him solve his immediate problem.
  12. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    I took your original tool and I used the lathe tool manager to export to a level. That is Level 100 on the file I posted back up. I did my Transfrom Rotate and rotated it the 90 degree. I then used dynamic to move it in X and Z the .0225 needed to get the edge where it needed. I then changed from the 5 position you picked originally and used the 1 position. I again threw this together quickly. I don't know how you plan to touch off the tool or anything like that. You also need to go into the setup of the tool and tell the setup the tool will be vertical or horizontal you had chosen Vertical which again was to support OD grooving not Face grooving. When I am talking about Setup for a Lathe tool there is the last page I am referring to on this picture. If you click on the Question mark there is help that defines what each thing means. How are you going to mount this tool in the lathe? Decide that then match that in Mastercam. Your MMD doesn't tell me you have a Turn/Mill with B axis where you will moving the B axis to turn the tool 90 degrees so I have to assume you will mount it horizontally on the machine. If that is the case then you have to match that on your tool in Mastercam. It can only go by what you define and if you define it one way it cannot move it the right way. I have never taken the 1st Mastercam class all self taught, but I have taken the time to read a lot of the help.
  13. Kosmek hydraulic work supports. Troublshooting

    That brand no, but other brands yes. What is your question?
  14. Custom Lathe Grooving Tool

    The tool has been defined incorrectly. The center of the Radius should not at the Origin. The tool should be defined at the cutting edges for the X and Z Zero. The grooving operation set to OD grooving not Face grooving. The tool is drawn to cut in an OD fashion not a face grooving fashion. The tool needs to be rotated and moved to the correct place and then it should be good to go. I just turned it 90 degrees. You may want to turned 90 and the mirrored I don't know I just did a quick and easy way to help you along. Here is the file back with the tool defined correctly and the correct tool orientation picked also. HTH
  15. 5-axis swarf question

    Need to dig. Didn't know that was in Version X6, What version of Mastercam are you using?

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