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  1. Surface Quality

    That is why I never had the problems you are having as I always ran them in inch. Excellent work sir.
  2. Cad/Cam milestone

    Yes sir I was wrong and looks like come 2020 when they quit allowing us to use office I will switch to something else.
  3. Define the Cylinder before hand and then pick that as the shape and it works really good. I like doing it this way so I can see my safety zones for each place I am using them. Tip is to have Verisurf reverse and covert to a STL and then you can set translucency for that shape and see the ghost of it with your solids and it is a real slick way to use 2 powerful tools in the software.
  4. Cad/Cam milestone

    You can still purchase stand alone.
  5. Surface Quality

    That is a different and has no bearing on what the post will output. You are over thinking it and there is no real need to have backplotted geometry in Mastercam match what the NC code is. They can be two different things, but still be what you need at the machine. The post is your translator so to speak to take English, French, Greek, Spanish, Russian and covert it to a usable format for the machine. The CAM is not the same as the NC. The NC can be backplotted like you have seen with CIMCO, but I only trust the CIMCO so far as it cannot match 100% what you get on a 5 Axis machine. 3 and 4 Axis to a point, but for 5 Axis you need to use a true 100% CAV to get the best idea what you post is giving you for output.
  6. Surface Quality

    Control Definition should do this you can change this to never output arc and what that should do it send the information to Post to linearize everything if the post is tied to the MMD and CMD. If not then you will have to look in the post and see if there are setting in that post to make the changes. I have seen their Logic for the Tangency Factors and funny how some think a basic accel/decel calculation is rocket science.
  7. Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    Yes. What is the code for your machine? Was this tested by the MTB and where you given a example to use?
  8. Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    Work Coordinate shift process where you touch off the part like a 3 Axis and the machine then takes all the 5 Axis movement that was programmed from that Zero and then adjust the code to run in that new position without it having to be the exact position like it would have to be if you programmed from Center of rotation. The idea is to let the machine do all the heavy thinking so to speak and solve difference in part position to where it really is on the machine.
  9. Rough +.1 min maybe +.2 then stress relieve then semi finish +.02 then stress relieve again. Then finish and yes more operations and maybe more than someone was thinking, but no shortcuts to making a good quality part. It takes what it takes and that is the cost it takes. I would not Step down and make sure I am suing 3 flute high shear tools to pull the stress and heat out using HST toolpaths would be my only suggestion. Might think about cutting lose and running each as a part and not as s set to also allow movement to happen that will not when they are locked into a bar like that.
  10. Bar Code font Code 39

    Are you trying to create a setup sheet? What is the process that you are using to create the Code 39? Letters or some other process? When you try printing this font in something like word does it work correctly so you know the font is installed correctly on the system in question?
  11. Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    Are you using center of rotation or a WSEC/TCP process?
  12. Surface Quality

    No and like I have said many times before I have done good work on the Thermwoods 5 Axis machines so there is something going on that I am sorry to say you are going ot have to figured out for everyone else. Been pretty much my career figuring out and doing what others didn't want to our couldn't. Not meant in an arrogant way more of the I am determined enough to figure out a way and get it done. If it can be done then you will get it figured out and you have already done a lot of leg work and think once you get the right combination down you will be very happy with your results.
  13. PTEK Folder Utility

    That is from Prototek a Mastercam dealer. If you go to the official Mastercam forum there is a link there. http://www.prototek-engineering.com/
  14. Yes, but from memory the G code needed I cannot say. Should be easy to find in your programming manual. What is the control? I have a Matrix 2 book that says G51.1 for Mirror on and G50.1 for mirror off. G92.5 for Coordinate Rotation.
  15. Multi Axis parallel toolpath

    I will mention this as part of the ability of this toolpath is the start point selection. One machines with limited C axis travel the start point is how you can make this toolpath work to keep the travel within the limits of travel, but still cut your part. This is where the programmer has to become the kinematic aware part of the process. Nothing worse than spending all your time making nice toolpaths that will not run on a machine.

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