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  1. What about 2D Dynamic with an air region on the side you want to start from?
  2. Are you using the Ignore Small Cusps setting on the Stock page? That setting is gone over quickly at about 9:30 here...
  3. The graphics card should have minimal effect on this file, although I have not tested that specifically, just that Mastercam does not use the GPU very often in toolpath calculation, at least that's my understanding. Still, yes, be sure you are set to use the card as it will make a difference elsewhere. If you are getting drastically different times randomly, I would suspect power management somewhere is in play. Again, assuming no other apps are using the CPU. Did you confirm the performance setting in the Control Panel? Could also be heat build up. If you run it when first powering up and get good times, then re-running the times get worse and worse, probably the CPU being throttled due to heat built up. Are you running plugged in or on battery? But ya, that is the trade off with laptops, small container is good for mobility, bad for heat management and power reserves.
  4. Check your power options in the control panel. Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options. Make sure you are not in Power Saver mode. (thats for W10, not sure where that is in W11) You could try running plugged in vs battery and see how much change you get there too. Another other apps open when running the benchmark? Any bloatware installed on the machine?
  5. All good here. I ran it on 2023 when it first came out and just now with Update 2 installed, no issues on either. The last op, I think its usually op 3 to finish last, typically does take a little longer than the rest to finish. Maybe it was still chugging away?
  6. Have a look at this video... https://blog.caminstructor.com/mastercam-cutter-compensation
  7. I brought this up when W11 was first released. An R# was assigned and they were looking into it. Since this is interface related, I doubt you'll see a fix before the next release. Fingers crossed they do address it in 2024 as I do like W11 and would prefer to switch to it for everything.
  8. The cpu listed is a 6year old dog! The A1000 is probably not the best choice either if focusing on rendering, specially if you're trying to feed that monitor 8k. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i9-12900K-vs-Intel-Xeon-E5-1620-v4/4597vs2777 You probably need to start over with the system since upgrading would still leave you on that MB with that xeon.
  9. If you're not doing super complex work, you don't need anything over the top. Coming in under 3k should be easy. Lasting 5 years, shouldn't be a problem even with the parts you have there. Again, assuming non complex work and 'lasting' means the system won't get bogged down by future performance needs of Windows or Mastercam (I don't see any massive new tech coming from either anytime soon) Saying that, a few small changes in that system would yield big gains. You have a 12th gen intel listed (i9 would be a better choice). you should build to its strengths. Its able to support waaaay faster RAM and also PCIE gen 4. You might need to pick a different MB if that one does not support those. I'm in the 32GB of RAM club, but I would get reputable components so if you want to add a couple more sticks in a few years, you will be able to get the same stuff. One thing not listed in your build, you should have dual or even triple monitors. If you don't have them now, add a matching pair. A better video card is not a bad idea either but the one listed will work. Also a good idea to add some bulk storage, 4TB or more HDD. ....and get good components, not just the cheapest.
  10. The channel is still there and if you have a direct link to a video you can still view it. Seems the videos are all now 'unlisted'. So, that probably rules out anything coming from youtube and most likely it looks like a personal decision to unlist. Can only speculate as to the reason behind that....accidental, or otherwise. His content is great so hopefully it was just an accidental setting and things get sorted out soon.
  11. There's also a lock beside the selection you can use.
  12. I said this before but maybe worth saying again... 12th gen intels are a huge step in performance over previous gens, more than we've seen recently. DDR5 RAM and PCIe 4.0 help a ton. A Benchmark 3.0 time with a similar system above, 2:09 !!! I'm running a high end 10th gen system and I'm a minute slower. That's a massive gain! ...so ya, that setup will be good!
  13. I get this issue too on some 3D toolpaths. Update 1 did not fix it. You have to Disable GPU processing in config under Simulation. At least, that's the only thing that worked for me.
  14. Seems to have something to do with the locked rad/diam when using 2022. Unlock and you should be fine. In 2023 it works fine if the lock is on.
  15. I'm having a hard time picturing when 128GB of RAM is needed for Mastercam. I have some big Mastercam files (~1gb with ~300 toolpaths) for testing but have never seen Mastercam use a massive amount of ram. Maybe it would use more if I had more?? Anyone have example files or able to share scenarios where Mastercam will use massive amounts of RAM? Currently, I'm running with 32GB and I'm thinking of adding another 32, but all this talk about 128 has me thinking. I do run more than just Mastercam so even if this 32gb addition doesn't improve its performance I'm confident I'll see some improvement elsewhere (premiere pro, camtasia), just not sure how much. Anyways, when I complete the upgrade I'll do some benchmarking and report back. I guess if I see huge improvements, I may need to consider 128GB on the next build.
  16. Dynamic toolpaths maintain engagement angle. Engagement angle does not equal stepover. Here's an older video talking briefly about this. Gets into it about the 1:50 mark. The rest of the videos in this can be found on our website...one day I'll update them and get them on youtube and the blog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0PG2XIph2E&t=5s FWIW, ModuleWorks has addressed the sliver issue in their most recent toolpath release. Guess we'll wait and see if Mastercam brings that tech over into their paths.
  17. Your tplane should match the plane that your geometry is in. You'll notice you are exactly 180 out from your spiral. Either move your geometry in Y by half the circumference or just chain your spiral instead. If you chain the spiral, you'll have to enable unroll in the toolpath and turn off the lead extensions. To get the tool to lead in/out, you'll need to create a longer spiral. Also, if you are using 2023, seems the classic backplot is having issues with axis sub. You'll have to use the new backplot, or just verify instead.
  18. This was not intended. You will probably see a fix very soon.
  19. https://www.cncci.com/post/three-point-arc-center-macro He is doing XY while you are wanting YZ, but the math should be relevant.
  20. I have an active link in a blog post here... https://blog.caminstructor.com/whats-the-best-computer-for-mastercam The main link in this thread is dead. There is a re-posting of the link but I forget what page its on.
  21. The 12 series Intels are really killing this file. After only seeing small incremental improvements over the last 5-6 releases, this is very good news!
  22. Calculations work for me. I used the X value in the Analyze Entity menu, 1+3/32. With and without brackets, all good.
  23. I clicked on that video and thought there is no way I'm going to watch an hour long video on programming optimization...was I wrong lol. Watched the whole thing and was intrigued the entire time!! I have compared several different CAM softwares running similar type toolpaths on the same part and have noticed some are faster than others. Guess this is whats going on, better/more optimized programming. I'd also like to add to this, we should all keep in mind that Ghz is not the end all be all that it used to be. We will probably never see any chips much beyond the 5Ghz range so how are they getting faster year over year...IPC. I wouldn't go as far as the video title that Ghz doesn't matter, but there are more things to consider in the overall picture (apple M1 being a prime example)
  24. mwearne

    Windows 11

    I've been on it a couple months now. Few things I don't like, the right click menu in file explorer having half the items hidden is one. But the option to have it remember windows locations on monitors makes up for any short comings, for me anyways. I also find that the graphics look better in win11, not sure if thats HDR related or not. For Mastercam, it all seems good. Just some issues with buttons that are pressed not being graphically obvious they are pressed, ie in the chain manager. I did a quick benchmark on it as well and found no difference from win10. I don't think its adding any additional tracking over win10, I think you can turn most of it off anyways? Anyone on the fence, I did up a video which may help you decide on upgrading... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UiXLpmm1Nk
  25. Nvidia is getting things really confusing with their card naming right now. Some RTX are in fact quadros. The RTX4000 is the newest quadro 4000. But, they have a new line of GeForce coming out which are RTX 4070, 4080 etc. So they are really messing things up right now lol FWIW, I use an RTX 3080 without issue. No one has been able to show me how a quadro outperforms this in Mastercam. But in an industrial setting I would point you towards the quadros just because they are supposed to be more bullet proof. ...guess I should add in info about SolidWorks too. The GeForce cards do not run SolidWorks approved drivers so you may run into support issues there if you are getting odd happenings. The only short coming I found in SW with the 3080 was I couldn't run some VR stuff.

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