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  1. HLE cannot, to my knowledge, convert from .mcam to .emcam. I would guess a Save As was done in HLE and the original file exists somewhere...or was manually deleted?
  2. I would suggest 2022 or 2024. Either jump into a better implementation of the new MGS or don't touch it at all.
  3. All those extra goodies they put into the toolpaths every year take extra time to calculate, eg leads, retracts, etc. In my limited research, I've found 2021 to be the fastest version...at least for this benchmark file. Things may be different with other toolpaths and other systems. Question is, are you ok with with more toolpath control in exchange for calc time? I think we mostly are, specially if we are running the latest and greatest CPUs which make this lost time almost a non factor...think running mcam2021 on an intel 10th gen (greatest CPU at that time) vs mcam2024 on intel 13th gen (best now). The newer chip is so much faster that the toolpath with more information to crunch will take less time. Numbers for me today with this file, sample size of 1.... 2021 3:25 2024 3:40
  4. Do you have a 3D license? File works here on both 2023 and 2024...and everything before those. Would be very surprised if it just 'broke' for no reason.
  5. Ever since the last couple windows updates I can't even use Code Expert, crashes on launch. (I'm not an update roll backer so I'm stuck with broken CE) Solution seems to be use Cimco. Doesn't crash. Loads faster. Bonus, no splash screen. Or just don't close Code Expert. Then you don't have to wait for it to load every time you post.
  6. During the plane edit, you can grab an arc in the gnomon and rotate 180. Not an instant flip but still gets the job done.
  7. A visual for anyone looking into this...
  8. I like tip comp move, I'm not liking the radio button switch. My post was meant to point our if the radio buttons were removed due to space limitations, tightening up the tip comp as shown would provide extra space.
  9. I was indifferent to this change initially but the more I use it, the more I prefer the old way. If lack of room is the issue, maybe tightening up the TIp Comp section provides enough room...
  10. Not a fan of 'US' naming either. Guess there was only two of us making noise about it during beta? Everyone else must have loved it since it stayed. Maybe the 'Metric' option needs to be changed to 'SI' since that is the standard naming used in ASME Y14.5M. That could be a 2025 update. Just another change for the sake of making a change. Way too much of this going on in recent releases.
  11. I think that's a windows setting. Although, is that Windows 7? When did they drop support for W7, that may have something to do with it.
  12. Looks like your time was only op3 running.
  13. The gains in the last 2 gens of intels are pretty awesome. I'm getting jealous!
  14. I have a download link in a blog post here... https://blog.caminstructor.com/whats-the-best-computer-for-mastercam
  15. Something close, try out PowerToys. Its a free addon from Microsoft. There are plenty of tools in it, but of interest here are the mouse tools. For finding your cursor, you double click the CTRL key and it will dim the entire screen except a circle around your pointer. Makes finding it super easy. This dimming lasts until you click the mouse button so you can leave it highlighted while moving if desired.
  16. Working in 2023 on W11 here, on the latest drivers. I had some bad behaviour from it once a while back, I either restarted the program or restarted the computer and all was good. Sorry not much help other than letting you know it should be running fine in that config.
  17. Open your task manager and go to Performance. See if anything is getting maxed out during this. You didn't mention what video card. If this is specifically happening during tasks that are graphics related, may be worth a look. Is the file located on a local drive or network, or even worse...a cloud drive. Is autosave on?
  18. I would lean towards the P16 between those two. AMD is making some nice stuff but Intel/Nvidia are still king in my mind. Plus, 4GB Vram vs 12GB. I'm guessing the P16 costs a bit more?
  19. Can you share a file or steps to reproduce? This is the exact thing I want to see for comparing GeForce to Quadro.
  20. Try going into File>Options in Verify and switch to the 5-axis engine (at the bottom of General). ....edit, sorry. just noticed this was answered above already.
  21. Machine Sim has little effect on my GPU load. Full 5X cuts. with 2D and 3D thrown in, using the Haas UMC machine, GPU doesn't get above 25%. I will admit I haven't thrown the kitchen sink at this though, but my first thought is anything else is just loading extra toolpath data and would have little effect on graphical performance. If the sim models were very detailed or there was a lot of bodies attached to an axis/fixture, this could increase the load. What I find most taxing to my GeForce GPU is simply skewing in the graphics area. Here's a file and a short demo. Circles and Cylinders.zip If GeForce and Quadro are the same graphically with this, maybe a different type of test is needed. I could put a couple hundred 5x toolpaths in a file and do the same? Open to other ideas. Circles and Cylinders.mp4
  22. I have compared and ya, it makes ya wonder.

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