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  1. Ocean Lacky™

    creating a "spiral" wireframe

  2. Ocean Lacky™

    creating a "spiral" wireframe

    Create a plane at desired angle from working plane. Create helix from new plane. Project helix to working plane.
  3. Ocean Lacky™

    MC2019 "Reporting Computation Error"

    I'll try that next time it happens. Thanks
  4. What the heck does this even mean? This error pops up every now and then no matter which tool path. I can go back and copy a previously successful tool path, adjust the parameters to meet my current needs and it will process correctly. A hint might be nice.
  5. Ocean Lacky™

    is there easy way to add a operation separator in

    Sounds like he'd be lucky to find his buttcheeks in the dark with either hand
  6. Ocean Lacky™


    In your Control Definition/ Tool, What are the settings? Try "Add To Tool" radio button and Length and Diameter settings should be "0"
  7. Ocean Lacky™

    Offset boring head recomendation?

  8. Ocean Lacky™

    cut.tmp fills up the hard drive

    When stock has been removed and "Z0" is now theoretical. Or, when working off the bottom of a part because of it's relationship to another part.
  9. Ocean Lacky™

    Moving a circle

    Create Arc Tangent/ Tangent Centerline works too.
  10. Ocean Lacky™

    Helix bore start

    Yes, that is a benefit of using entities.
  11. Ocean Lacky™

    Helix bore start

    The only difference that I've found is that when using an entity, you're locked in to whatever size that entity is. When using a point, you can enter any size for a hole diameter.
  12. Ocean Lacky™


    Autosave after every operation will save incremental backups as "Filename @ 100.MCX(Version#). You can specify where and how many backups in your config. Mine go to D:\\Backup\Part@XXX.MCX7 where the XXX can be a number between 100 and 110, 100 being the newest.
  13. Ocean Lacky™

    Which Graphics Card Would Perform Better?

    It depends a lot on what type of programming you'll be doing.

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