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  1. Ocean Lacky™

    Problems with Solid Models

    STL files are not solid models. If you can share a file, you'll get more ideas.
  2. Ocean Lacky™

    Basic 3D Help

    Glad we could help!
  3. Ocean Lacky™

    Rolled/Wrapped Wire - Extrude

    Project your wireframe to a flat plane and extrude
  4. Ocean Lacky™

    finding center point of circle that doesn't have one

    Likely just crappy translators
  5. Ocean Lacky™

    finding center point of circle that doesn't have one

    Your 'circle' consists of a bunch of short, line segments. Place 3 points around the 'circle' and use those with Circle/Edge Point-3 points command. From there you can come close
  6. Ocean Lacky™

    Dimensioning Arc Length

    That part, I'm not sure. I do all my drafting in Solidworks.
  7. Ocean Lacky™

    Dimensioning Arc Length

    On the HOME tab
  8. File/Configuration/Files. There are options to save specific file types in specific locations.
  9. Ocean Lacky™

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    In 2022 BETA, I added the check shown and I think it what you're looking for?
  10. Ocean Lacky™

    Werid stock models

    I had a similar issue a couple of releases back. It was tied to using a surface model as stock in an early operation.
  11. Ocean Lacky™

    AutoRegen - CHook

    Works great! Thanks!!
  12. Ocean Lacky™

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    Installer errors. Had to extract and manually point to file locations.
  13. Ocean Lacky™

    Mastercam x5 Post problems

    I know, right? Imagine if he had actually asked for a post instead of help fixing the one he had ? I would hate to see what kind of A$$hole he'd be then.
  14. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Nope, no sign of it in Verify. In reality tho, there was a small line about .010 -.015" wide where it appears that the stock may have been pushing away making it seem thicker than it was. I restarted the program with a worn mill (for experimentation purposes) and slowed the feed to 10% (12IPM) and it strolled thru that area like it wasn't even there. I modified my program to slow the feed thru that portion and haven't had an issue on the remaining parts.
  15. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Nope, was a brand new 1/2" End mill

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