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  1. Ocean Lacky™

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    Installer errors. Had to extract and manually point to file locations.
  2. Ocean Lacky™

    Mastercam x5 Post problems

    I know, right? Imagine if he had actually asked for a post instead of help fixing the one he had ? I would hate to see what kind of A$$hole he'd be then.
  3. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Nope, no sign of it in Verify. In reality tho, there was a small line about .010 -.015" wide where it appears that the stock may have been pushing away making it seem thicker than it was. I restarted the program with a worn mill (for experimentation purposes) and slowed the feed to 10% (12IPM) and it strolled thru that area like it wasn't even there. I modified my program to slow the feed thru that portion and haven't had an issue on the remaining parts.
  4. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Nope, was a brand new 1/2" End mill
  5. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    After further investigation, it would seem that the trouble lies with the path taken to the next cut. Light blue = cut Red = Transition to next cut @ rapid feed rate Green = Next cut.
  6. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Mazak Mazatrol 640M
  7. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    It wasn't a fan. Especially since it was a Rapid move at around 300 IPM
  8. Ocean Lacky™

    Dynamic OptiRough

    ...Is a cool toolpath until it sends the tool through a wall 3x the stepover.
  9. Ocean Lacky™

    creating a "spiral" wireframe

    Create a plane at desired angle from working plane. Create helix from new plane. Project helix to working plane.
  10. Ocean Lacky™

    MC2019 "Reporting Computation Error"

    I'll try that next time it happens. Thanks
  11. What the heck does this even mean? This error pops up every now and then no matter which tool path. I can go back and copy a previously successful tool path, adjust the parameters to meet my current needs and it will process correctly. A hint might be nice.
  12. Ocean Lacky™

    is there easy way to add a operation separator in

    Sounds like he'd be lucky to find his buttcheeks in the dark with either hand
  13. Ocean Lacky™


    In your Control Definition/ Tool, What are the settings? Try "Add To Tool" radio button and Length and Diameter settings should be "0"

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