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Found 25 results

  1. Hello guys, I frequently use toolpath nesting with 100 to 200 different references, and to easily identify each part reference, I use the "Use part name as label" function. However, this function also includes the extension (.mcam) and other text, as shown in the attached image. In the image, you can see that I have manually edited the label to remove the extra text, so it only shows the part name like the blue label. I would like to ask if there is a parameter or another way to automatically achieve this result. I have attached an image to illustrate the issue. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Hello, I want to learn what Pencil parameters mean. Especially what are the Cut parameters and Steep/Shallow parameters. Is there any specific book or blog anyone know of? THanks in advnace!!
  3. Hello all. Good Morning! I am machining a complicated part (for me!) in 5 Axis machine (which I have not milled before). I need recommendations on what toolpath to use. I am attaching images below. This would be a huge help. Thank you all in advance. We are planning to do this in two steps. First two counter the walls and remove the middle portion. It will go for heat treatment then and after coming from heat treat, machine mill the rest. Until now, I figured to do curve multiaxis to counter the walls and Optirough to do middle portion. But they are not perfect. I need the bottom radius that I am not getting in any. Also, for some reason, optirough stops at little height above the floor. Which is good for now as we need 0.01" high to give in heat treat but for finishing, I need something else. to remove everything and create radius at bottom. Any help here is helpful. Thank you in advance, again!!!! Here is the link to the mastercam file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1faVKq0Dh2Z1Oyhopj30n75lh1VyA_h8H/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hey! I am trying to define a turning operation in Mastercam using NETHOOK API. Currently, I am unable to access the tools for performing turning operation, as Mastercam supports only milling operations as default, but we want to work with lathe and millturn operations. All the tools are in the form of mill tools. Is there a method or class to refer and call turning ,roughing and finishing tools (lathe operations, millturn operations). The operations and tools list in Mastercam NETHOOK API are also milling operations. Is there a documentation to refer for turning or lathe operations?
  5. Recently I have started regularly using the multiaxis deburr toolpath on many of my parts. Most of my parts are run on some form of a 3 axis vertical machine. As shown in the screenshot, when the toolpath gets to a complex edge it seems to have a hard time figuring out a smooth path. It ends up producing a very jagged toolpath which takes a lot of extra time for the machine to run. I tried playing with the surface quality tolerance, and the chaining tolerance but that only seems to help a little. I can never seem to eliminate all of the roughness. My question is, is there a way to smooth out those corners? Or is it just a matter of being a complex edge and the software can only do so much with it? I have attached a mastercam file as an example. Please ignore speeds and feeds and other technicalities as I'm just trying to display the toolpath issues. I am running Mastercam 2022 and the tool I'm looking to use is a 1/4 diameter lollipop tool. If more information is needed please let me know, and thanks in advance for any help anyone can give on this topic. Deburr_Toolpath.mcam
  6. Hello Community, I'm new to using software to estimate the milling time of a part specially using Mastercam. I was curious to understand how the total length of milling is calculated. can someone please explain to me how it is calculated in Mastercam considering a tool depth of 8mm for example? thank you all for your help in advance.
  7. Hello everyone. Couple of times I have had this problem in MasterCAM and I can't figure out what is wrong. I created 3D tool, I'm sure that tool is made correct. When I run other part/different toolpath there is no problem. However in this case Mastercam shows me "Tool collision with stock! Continue writing toolpath?" but the thing is that there is only .01'' stock to cut, lead in and lead out is set with clerance. When I allow to write the toolpath and then verify the part, no problem. Verify doesn't show any collision. I tried to switch to 2D tool and everything was good. I'm not getting any information. Can somebody know what is wrong? I add that I had it in the past and I run the program on the machine and was fine. It just bothering me and I would like to know what it's happening. Thanks for help.
  8. I like Mastercam 2018 with the Hybrid toolpath, on my fireball cnc router, just need to fine tune it on the settings. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. thank you, everyone.
  9. I have multiply part files in my folder. They have been one part-file from the beginning with groups "program1, program2, program3..." Someone in my team did not like this and split the file into 15 part files. My question is: Is it possible to merge this part files into one file again? I have tried merging the files but only get the geometry added. Merging or importing the toolpath seems to be not easy.
  10. I have a reoccurring issue when programming relatively simple solids, they are there up until i re-gen the tool path. It seems to hide all of the solids even ones that do not have tool paths applied to them. Rather confused. Running 2020 as stated in the title and haven't had this issue prior. The tool paths still reference the solids just fine and they show in the solids manager. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time! Shane
  11. Background: We are using Mastercamx7 (updating to current version soon) in conjunction with Robotmaster to program a Kuka robot of model KR10R900_sixx. Thus far, we have been programming toolpaths in a de-burring type operation that removes flash from a ceramic body. To accomplish this task, we have been creating a silhouette boundary and using the result as a toolpath, although there is some curvature to the part we are cutting and it is not all on one plane. We have been able to get away with this so far but we have been tasked with a new assignment where we need to control the z-axis much tighter and do not want to manually manipulate the depth of each feature because there are 300-500 features per part. The models we create this toolpath from are very detailed but my self-taught Mastercam skills are not at a point where I know how to create a toolpath without projecting onto a single, flat plane. I have already had my designer create a plane that we can project a toolpath to but I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Any advice? I am new to this forum so if there is somewhere else I should post this, please let me know!
  12. I keep getting a partial flow edge detected error. Is my guitar neck model that bad?. Take a look, fix any errors please,ha ha. COMPLETED 2017 RAINIER.zip
  13. Hi .., Iam a new user for master cam multi axis. In multi axis flow tool path, there is a tool retract problem,when I am going to give number cuts in zig zag way.as shown in image. so please can anyone solve my doubt. Thank .. Devendra T. Part1.mcam
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to output a post block to nc stating the toolpath ID. If you are asking why, it is quite simple. When an operator finds an error in the NC program, I would like him to be able to tell me the previous toolpath block as this would make finding the error in mastercam so much quicker.
  15. Hi all. I'm learning how to use Mastercam for a Wire EDM, and I'm trying to learn how to use the nesting toolpaths function efficiently. I guess my question is this: Is there a way to nest your toolpaths so that all of the thread points start outside of the stock? In other words, is there a way I can avoid putting in pre-drilled holes when using this feature? I would like to be able to nest toolpaths in a way that the Wire EDM threads at a(n) point/origin outside of the stock and is able to guide/maneuver around all the different nested toolpath geometry. I'm trying to avoid predrilled holes as much as possible to maintain the integrity of the stock infrastructure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  16. Hello! I am trying to make a rough cut pass using Surface Rough Flowline. The part is a convex cylinder. However when I have Check Flowline Motion for Gouge checked in Cut Control, the toolpath only shows for the top half of the part stopping at the midpoint. I'm thinking that it doesn't like the undercut but when I uncheck the Check Flowline Motion for Gouge box, it does a completely different toolpath which leaves a flat surface instead of the desired convex cylindrical surface. Thanks!
  17. Hello all, So I just wanted to throw this out here, to see if it bothers anyone else, or if it is just me.... We probably all have widescreen monitors nowadays or at lease high resolution which would support what I want (WISH!!) Mastercam would do. I was really, really hoping they would add it in 2017, but they didn't Anyways, enough crying.... Does this bother anyone else?? When the toolpath parameters dialog box is open, it's resizeable.... yay.... nope! Why, why, why Mastercam... when I go to resize it, you just stretch the tree of parameters to have tons of whitespace?? I want to have the vertical bar, separating the tree, to stay where it is. The tools description box should expand! I feel like that is logical, instead of having a horizontal scroll bar.
  18. Hi Can someone help me to choose the correct Mastercam Milling toolpath to program this part using mastercam Multi axis or surface toolpaths, Yellow portion I need to cut.
  19. Hi, I am facing a new problem. I have a finishing tool that has 10 degree angle. the sharpest part of the tool diameter is 0.197 inch and the out side diameter is 0.825 inch. the flute is almost 1.78 long. Whenever I want to use this tool the software automatically create the tool path based on the outside diameter even for the really short like 1/4 inch depth cut. I have tried almost all of the tool types but it is the same I guess the software does not recognize the angle. for example, I tried to do a 3 inch pocket with the depth cut of 0.1 inch, the tool path was the same for the whole pocket as i assume it has to get bigger after each depth cut due to the angle of the tool. let me know if you guys know any solution to this. thanks
  20. Hello everyone, I tried contacting our local reseller about this problem, but they told me to completely wipe and reinstall mastercam to fix this, and with IT involved, it could take forever. There has to be an easier way to fix this... One of our programmers was trying to set sane defaults for himself for the Drill toolpath (tip comp, clearance planes, etc.) and managed to save it in a way which it now no longer pulls the type of cycle from the tool. When pulling a tap from the library, it no longer switches to Tap Cycle, but stays on Drill/Counterbore. Same with drills that have peck cycles defined, it just stays on Drill/Counterbore and doesn't switch to Peck Cycle or Chip Break. I am our shop's resident mastercam expert, but I am at a loss. Can anyone help me out? I would really appreciate the guidance to fix the potentially tap/drill breaking issue.
  21. Hi everyone, I've imported a 3d .ipt into Mastercam and I'm trying to setup the toolpath to machine the part. However, I am not sure which toolpath I should use. I've tried doing a regular contour with a ball nose endmill and it didnt work. I'm pretty new to Mastercam and have only done a few Mastercam programs so far - I've watched many videos and done many tutorials but this is in 3d and I can't seem to get it right. Description of part: Its a rectangular part with a 45 degree slanted cutout on each side running through the centre of the part. I don't know how to achieve the slant for the cutout. Any help would be appreciated - thank you Joanna
  22. Hello! I have an 5 axis CNC milling machine with limited rotating axes: the axis B (around Z) can rotating between 0 and 180 deg; the axis A (around Y) can -90 to 90 deg. I'm using a modified 'Generic Fanuc 5X Mill.pst' in Mastercam X7. If doing a Flow mill on a cone's cloak then in the simulation the B axis will rotating 360 deg, but in the generated NC code the toolpaths is splited on 180 every 180 degs. How can I set up Mastercam to pay respect to the machine limits when calculating toolpath? And why have to define the axes limits in many different places? (Machine Definition; Multiaxis Toolpath / Tool Axis Control; postprocessor)
  23. I sure hope someone can help me solve this problem. I've tried everything I can think of to get a dynamic core mill to work, but have had no success. I sent the file off to my VAR and their tech had a toolpath working in no time, but I can't duplicate his results. (Different settings in his system, perhaps?) Anyway, the file is attached. The red rectangle is the outline of the stock; the lavender rectangle is an avoidance region where clamps would be positioned; and the green shape is the part boundary. Each is on its own level. The goal is to profile all edges of the part, except for the one abutting the avoidance region. In the attached file, the avoidance region is being disregarded. Why? I'm running X6 MU3 on a Windows XP machine. CORE MILL TEST.MCX-6
  24. Hi Im Joe i work in Canada and ive recently got a new job machining high end wooden stairs, im relatively new to mastercam although i have been through the mastercam level 1 mill course, my current task is machining floor returns, ( these meet the handrail and sweep down to the floor) the guy before me used a "surface finish parallel tool path" with a 0.02" stepover which ran the full length of the floor return. (fig 1) this resulted in a huge amount of travel time, resulting in a 4 hour cycle. ive changed the machining angle to 90 degrees (fig 2) so the tool would be using the radius more efficiently, and it created a great finish (for the most part) and reduced the cycle time to 2hr .15 mins however i still feel there can be more improvement. in my latest trial. i used three tool paths (fig 3) • the first tool path i used the surface parallel 90 degree angle ( from top to bottom) up to where the top starts to bend round. • the second tool path was more suited to the original method (lengthwise) and this was only the top part that bends around the corner • the third tool path was a surface blend just match up. the result was pretty good, however i feel im achieving this a "down & dirty Way" im hoping that mastercam is able to create a toolpath that stays perpendicular to the outside shape, (fig 4) i feel this would give the greatest finish. I have at least 15 different hand rails that i need to make into floor returns and its vital to keep the machining strategies consistent. i just feel we haven't fully optimized our setup yet. i would appreciate any help you could give me on this. thanks for your time in advance, Joe

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